What happens if I drive with a Mexican driver’s license in the United States?

What happens if I drive with a Mexican driver’s license in the United States?

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If you have just gone to live in USA or you are traveling and want to rent a car, you probably have a question about whether you can drive on US territory with a driver’s license in Mexico. As you know, in the American Union there are very strict laws and these are also present in its traffic regulations. Here we tell you if you can use your Mexican license to drive, if you have to get a special one or if you must process a document that authorizes you to drive a car.

USA It has very punctual and strict traffic regulations, which, if not followed as required by law, can lead you to have problems with the authorities. That is why it is very important that if you decide to drive in the American Union you know what you can and cannot do. What are the rules of driving in United States? Among the main and most important are the following that we list below.

  • Speed ​​limits: Typically range from 25 mph (40 km/h) in residential areas to 65-75 mph (105-120 km/h) on highways.
  • Traffic signs: You must obey all signs that tell you how to proceed on the road.
  • Seat belt: all vehicle occupants must wear a seat belt, it is mandatory.
  • Alcohol and drugs: Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited. Legal blood alcohol limits vary by state, but generally, it is 0.08% or less.
  • Cell Phones: In many states, it is prohibited to use cell phones without a hands-free device while driving. In some places you can’t text while driving either.
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If possible drive in USA with a driver’s license of Mexico in most states. However, there are certain considerations and requirements that you should take into account before doing so. Below we tell you what you have to do so that you are not taken by surprise or stopped by the US police while you are driving. Avoid sanctions!

Can you drive in the United States with a Mexican driver’s license?

When it comes to drive in the United States with a Mexico driver’s licensethe rules may vary depending on the state you are in. Generally speaking, many places allow foreign visitors to drive with a valid license from their home country, as long as it is written in English or accompanied by an official translation. However, it is important to note that this rule may change depending on the location.

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For example, some authorities require that you present an International Driver’s License (LIC), in addition to your license Mexican. You can obtain this document at Mexico and basically it is a multilingual translation of your license drive Mexican, in which your most important personal data is described and explained. Additionally, it is important to know that you must follow all local traffic laws, such as speed limits, traffic signs, and safety regulations.

It’s also crucial to have valid auto insurance that meets the requirements of the state you’re driving in. In the event of an accident, the car insurance you have Mexico not valid in USA nor does it cover the mishap, so it is advisable to obtain temporary insurance or travel insurance that includes coverage for civil liability and damages to third parties. If you plan to drive in the United States with a driver’s license Mexican, it is advisable to research the specific laws and requirements of the place you are traveling to to ensure you comply with all local regulations and, thus, enjoy a safe trip.

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