What is premium processing that SPEEDS UP the American VISA approval process?  |  REQUIREMENTS

What is premium processing that SPEEDS UP the American VISA approval process? | REQUIREMENTS

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Generally, the American visa process involves a long process in which you must meet requirements, as well as documents that will be requested by the immigration authorities of USA. In addition to meeting these requirements, you must also be cautious and above all patient, since in some cases finding a date to continue with the procedure after submitting the application could take even more than a year.

It is important that if you consider traveling to USA first make sure you comply with the requirement to process your American visa, In addition to considering the waiting time you must wait to carry out the procedure, you must also anticipate whether it will be granted or not. Therefore, it is better that you make your planning in advance once you are sure that you will be able to make the trip.

Although some strategies have been proposed to try to speed up the American visa process, there is only one alternative to request that the process be carried out much more quickly and legally. The plan to wait for the system to release a closer appointment for the interview American visa It is not illegal, however, it could cause the applicant to have to pay the cost of the procedure again.

Premium Processing to speed up the American visa process

He Premium Processing This is a procedure that is carried out before the border authorities of USA, specifically before the Office of Citizenship and Immigration that allows certain procedures related to applications for some types of immigration to be accelerated. American visa. If this service is requested at the corresponding office, if accepted, the processing time could be reduced considerably.

Within a period of 15 days from when the authorities receive the application, the applicant may receive one of the following responses: notice of approval, denial, notice of intention to deny, requirement for evidence or even a case could be opened. file for attempted fraud or misrepresentation in the case. From the notification you receive you will be able to continue with the process.

This service only applies to some types of visafor example, Immigrant Petition for Foreign Worker and for Nonimmigrant Worker Petition. In these cases, the request for Premium Processing that requires the completion of Form I-907 can be submitted together with any of the aforementioned applications. The current fee to be covered for the processing of Premium Processing It is 1965 dollars.

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