What is the dual visa and how can I obtain it?  REQUIREMENTS

What is the dual visa and how can I obtain it? REQUIREMENTS

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When the Procedure of visa american The US authorities are responsible for informing applicants that they must present a document that accredits them to enter the country according to the objectives or needs they seek in state Joinedwhich is why many people wonder if it is necessary to process an additional visa if the activities they are going to carry out in United States territory are different from those of the first application.

And each type of visa grants its bearer the opportunity to carry out specific activities legally within the country, there are some visas that can be used for more than one purpose, for example, the tourist visa, which can also be used if a business will be carried out in state Joined or if the beneficiary requires some type of medical treatment, with this visa they can receive it in the United States without problem.

Even so, each visa asks to cover different requirements and its duration. Procedure It may also vary according to the type of document in question. Also, the information and documentation requested from the applicant will be different in each of the types of American visa. We will share with you whether or not there is the possibility of carrying out a double visa procedure and, if so, what requirements you must cover. .

Can I have two different types of American visa?

The answer is yes. The immigration authorities of state Joined They point out that it is totally valid to have two valid and current visas at the same time, they must only be of a different type and must have been requested individually. According to the consulates of state Joined In Mexico, if a person has a visa tourist is totally valid if you process a visa american of another type.

Have two types of visas current ones does not affect the use of the documents because to obtain them the candidate must meet the requirements and the necessary documents that prove that he can have both accreditations. In case of traveling to state JoinedIf you have two American visas, you must present the one that matches the reasons for your trip when requesting entry to the country.

Now you know that it is possible to have two visas american valid, in case this is your case, in addition to the type of visa you must also be careful to take into account the duration that the visa allows you to be within the country, these small details will make the difference when you present your documentation at the port of entry state Joined.

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