What to do if I am DENIED an American VISA?

What to do if I am DENIED an American VISA?

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Gather the documents requested, make sure you cover each of the requirements indicated by the immigration authorities of state Joinedpay more than 180 dollars for the document, find a date to schedule an appointment, wait a very long period of time to attend that interview for which you have been preparing for a long time and in the end they do not approve your visa american.

What a disappointment. Although many people regret carrying out the Procedure of visa american Due to the long waiting time between each of the steps to follow to obtain the valuable accreditation, some others decide to face the process to be able to realize their dream of traveling or out of necessity to do so, according to the type of visa they wish to process. , therefore it is more disappointing if once the moment has arrived the Procedure is not approved.

There are many reasons why the customs officer may consider not approving your registration procedure. visa americanFor example, if the information you indicated in your Form does not correspond to what you provide at the time of the interview, if you do not meet the indicated requirements, even if you do not have a relationship of roots in your country or if you do not have the funds to pay your trip.

You have already been denied the procedure, what’s next?

In case you have the need or desire to return when completing the Procedure For an American visa, it is prudent to wait a period of time before applying again. Some experts on the subject say that it is advisable to submit a new application once at least 6 months have passed since the visa was issued. deniedthe passage of this period of time could change the conditions by which the visa it was rejected.

During the interview with the consular agent you must be attentive and as calm as possible so that you can respond in an orderly and safe manner to the questions asked by the officer. Remember that he has the power to ask all the questions he considers relevant to issue his final verdict. . In the same way, you will be able to identify where the interview failed in case the interview is denied. Procedure so you don’t make that same mistake next time.

If you decide so, you can carry out the registration process again. visa american without any problem or penalty in case you Procedure previous has been rejected. Remember to be as calm as possible, provide the information requested and answer the questions with the same information that you indicated in your Form when requesting the document. Always remember to provide true information and always conduct yourself with the truth.

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