Who is Maritza Ramos, Rafael Amaya’s new GIRLFRIEND and what does she do?

Who is Maritza Ramos, Rafael Amaya’s new GIRLFRIEND and what does she do?


Without a doubt, one of the greatest heartthrobs in the world of soap operas is Rafael Amayawho has managed to conquer the audience thanks to the Telemundo series “El Señor de los Cielos”, so beyond his career and talent, the public also shows interest and wants to know what is behind his person and learn more about his private life, now that he is happier than ever.

And now the actor is more in love that never of your girlfriend Maritza Ramoswith whom he has boasted his love to the four winds, since they have been together for two years and recently spoke at the BMI Latin Awards about how happy he is at this stage with her.

“Good, very good, good, at full speed, very happy, very comfortable, very happy, happy above all,” he indicated.

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Likewise, the famous man spoke about whether there would be wedding in the near future, although he announced that at the moment he has not had that conversation with his girlfriend and wants to enjoy the relationship for the time being, “Bodorrio? Well, we haven’t planned it yet, look, we are working, we are enjoying our courtship, very happy.”

“I think I’m fine with my girlfriend so far. In love. Women have always been a mystery to me. And well, then I think that now I am a better person, a better couple,” she added.

This is Maritza Ramos, Rafael Amaya’s girlfriend

The handsome actor’s girlfriend is Graduated in Accounting and Financehas a master’s degree in Business Administration and International Law, in addition to being Mexican and American and has even worked as a finance director within the government.

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Currently, she is the one who handles the accounting part of the star and has now become the manager of the actor, thanks to the closeness that they began to have and that also led them to fall in love and not only that, because she became a great support during difficult times.

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Amaya has indicated that she became his great support when he was fighting against addictions so without a doubt his love pushed him to move forward and not only that but also supported him in new projects. Since then, they have wanted to keep their relationship low profile and enjoy each other.


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