Why would it be a hard blow for Cristina Porta if her ex Luca Onestini enters?  – The NY Journal

Why would it be a hard blow for Cristina Porta if her ex Luca Onestini enters? – The NY Journal

Cristina Porta

Luca Onestini, Italian DJ, would be the participant who enters the reality show ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’ on Sunday, a hard blow for the Spanish Cristina Porta, because she would be reunited with her former lover, with whom she experienced a difficult separation. as told in the reality television program.

Everything indicates that the young man, who is a reality show star, would enter on Sunday, thus moving things within the coexistence, but especially for his ex, who in recent weeks has become one of the most important figures. striking.

De Luca is known to have extensive experience in this type of programs, as he has participated in competitions such as: ‘Secret Story’, ‘Survivors’, ‘The Time of Discount’, ‘Temptation Island’, ‘Woman and Men and Vice Versa’ , ‘Big Brother’.

On his Instagram account he has more than 1 million followers, an aspect that could be relevant if he has an audience in the United States, since it is the viewers in this territory who will decide how much time he could spend inside ‘La Casa de los Famous 4’.

Why would you make things difficult for Cristina Porta?

Recently, the Spanish woman spoke in ‘Life in Photos’ about how the breakup of that love affected her self-esteem, among other things.

“Look, Jimena (Gallego), when I left him with him and I am a person who never gives up, but I told a friend… ‘I don’t want to wake up tomorrow.’ I didn’t feel like doing anything, I felt sorry for myself and I couldn’t find the Cris that I had been because I wanted to be with him. He psychologically hurt me a lot and I suddenly saw him on a reality show as if I did not exist and unable to name myself. He knows that he is hurting me and that is why he did it and I also had a very bad time while he was there,” he commented as he shed some tears.

After this, she stated: “I had a very bad time while he was there, but I already came to understand that that person was doing me wrong, aware that he was doing me wrong and I overcame it, Jimena, am I open to love? Well yes, but I don’t believe in love 100 percent anymore.”

It is likely that on Sunday we will see how Cristina has progressed with this issue, since now she will be locked up with the person who was her great love.

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