Will Smith’s slap at the 2022 Oscars leads to the closure of the actor and Jada Pinkett’s foundation – El Diario NY

Will Smith’s slap at the 2022 Oscars leads to the closure of the actor and Jada Pinkett’s foundation – El Diario NY

The controversial slap of Will Smith also an actor Chris Rockduring the 2022 Oscar awards, continues to “claim victims” more than 2 years after the incident. And according to the specialized media Variety, the actor’s organization along with Jada Pinkett, Will and Jada Smith Family Foundationwill close its operations due to the considerable drop in donations, which is derived from the withdrawal of its main donors due to the action of the interpreter of “Men In Black” in 2022.

As revealed, the withdrawal of American Airline and CAA, two of the main donors to the actors’ organization, caused a reduction of more than $1 million dollars in just one year.

And according to data provided by the same organization, it went from earning more than $2 million dollars in 2021 to less than $400 thousand dollars in 2022, the year in which its donors withdrew as a response to the violent action. from the Oscar winner.

Will Smith posing.
Will Smith is promoting his film “Bad Boys 4.”
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Will Smith and Jada Pinkett are not saved from a new controversy

According to sources close to Will Smith and Jada Pinkettboth celebrities intended to permanently close the organization, prior to the retirement of its main donors, with the intention of focusing on private charitable donations.

Jada Pinkett posing on a red carpet.

However, and according to various recent reports, the actors would have made this decision due to a series of irregularities in their financial statements. As revealed, the foundation had made donations of more than $25,000 to defunct mental health organizations. Likewise, it had various charges for bank overdraft for more than $3 thousand dollars.

Will Smith fined for speeding

In addition to the recent controversy over the closure of his organization, it was recently revealed that the “I Am Legend” singer was fined for speeding on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California.

According to TMZ reports, the actor was detected driving, at night, at more than 100 kilometers per hour in an area with a speed limit of 72 kilometers per hour. It is worth mentioning that this road is considered one of the most dangerous in the state of California, since a section of the road has been the scene of more than 50 deaths during the last 14 years.

Will Smith He is currently promoting his new film “Bad Boys 4”, in addition to being linked to the potential development of the sequel to “I Am Legend” during the following year.

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