With a bite included: the romantic photos of Camilo and Evaluna

With a bite included: the romantic photos of Camilo and Evaluna

Camilo and Evaluna They are a couple that their followers love, as they show each of the things they do in their day-to-day lives. From romantic moments to music, it is part of what your audience can see on their social networks.

On this occasion, the singers published a series of photos at the wedding of Ricky Montaner, Evaluna鈥檚 brother. The images have been a waste of sweetness and for this reason they have amazed the digital platforms.

The Colombian artist was the one who published the photos with his wife, where they are seen sharing affection. Camilo is also seen giving Evaluna a tender bite on her belly.

鈥淔riday in Buenos Aires鈥 was the description that the interpreter of 鈥淢illions鈥 wrote on his Instagram account.

The famous couple have enjoyed a few family days in Argentina due to the wedding of Ricky Montaner and Stefi Roitman.

In social networks there was no lack of comments for the images. Some began to speculate about the sex of the baby, since Camilo and Evaluna do not want to know that information until their child is born.

鈥淏ecause of the shape of the belly for me it is a girl鈥, 鈥淚t is a boy鈥, 鈥淚t looks like a man鈥檚 belly鈥, were some of the messages they left to famous people.

There were also those who criticized the baby鈥檚 name, who will be called Indigo. 鈥淚 hope that when he is born they have changed that name because poor thing Weren鈥檛 there more names?

Evaluna and her revelations about pregnancy

Recently, the actress also spoke on her podcast 鈥淓n La Sala鈥 about the few possibilities she had to become a mother, according to the doctors.

In the program, Ricardo Montaner鈥檚 daughter assured: 鈥淒octors told me a million times that I could not have children and that it was going to be impossible because of my hormones and other things that were supposedly not right in my body.鈥

Camilo and Evaluna have been together since 2014 |  Mezcalent

However, she explained that she and Camilo tried until they got pregnant. 鈥淲e started trying for a little while and it happened. And I love that it happens, always at the time it has to happen. God is so faithful in your life and in ours, 鈥渉e said.

She also commented that it is important for her to talk about her experience to help others who also believe they are infertile. 鈥淚t鈥檚 really great to be able to share this with people, because a lot of people are struggling with this, not just with infertility but with the expectation (of the baby). I think waiting is the most difficult thing to understand 鈥, He said.


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