Woman disguised herself as a potato seller to enter Christian Nodal’s concert

A young woman has caused a furor on the internet after his case was made known, after pretend to be a potato seller to be up front Christian Nodal concert and so get in for free.

Through social mediathe case of this young turned aroundl after announcing how it was the moment he hatched it all to access the privileged area in the concert of Nodal.

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Influencer and his idea to see Christian Nodal up close

Anna Varela, known for doing videos with her granny through TikToktalked about his idea of dress up as a street vendor to enjoy the concert.

He stressed that he was leaving the gym that day and went straight to the Nodal concert, according to what was published in his story time.

I paid 300 pesos to be in the general area, but obviously I wasn鈥檛 looking at the ex of Belinda, So I had an idea: pretend to be a beer seller鈥 he recounted.

added to get to the VIP areawhich has a cost of approximately 10 thousand pesosAna paid the beer vendor 50 pesos to lend her his jacket and the bucket with drinks to enter the area to 鈥渟ell鈥.

However, the authorities did not let her pass because it was a VIP place.

Young man convinces potato seller to enter the VIP Zone

Ana said that under her motto 鈥渉e who perseveres achieves鈥, she was motivated to return and speak with the potato seller; After explaining her reason to the potato vendor, she lent him her basket of potatoes and entered the area.

I ended up in the VIP area because the boy who lent me the parents let me in without paying any pesos, I was in the area of 鈥嬧媡he fifis, those who could pay鈥, he added.

However, when she was enjoying Nodal鈥檚 concert, Ana Varela said that two police officers approached her to buy two bags of potatoes.

However, not knowing the cost of each one, she sold them for 50 pesos, but they did not realize that she was an apocryphal seller. As the tiktoker explained, it is not the first time that she has gone to street vendors to let her go to the VIP area.

Originally posted on The Herald of Chihuahua

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