Yailin’s former stylist, Anuel’s wife, explodes and accuses her of poor pay

Yailin’s former stylist, Anuel’s wife, explodes and accuses her of poor pay


Anuel AA, husband of Yailin 'the most viral'.

Anuel AA, husband of Yailin ‘the most viral’.

Photo: JC Olivera/Getty Images

Yailin’s former stylist “the most viral” exploded on social networks and accused Anuel’s wife of owing him money. The woman named Leidys Ortiz is an image consultant and photographer and exposed through a live broadcast on her Instagram account the entire situation she is experiencing with the Dominican singer.

The young woman explained through the live that she tried to collect her money in a good way, but that she never received it and that she tried to communicate with many people to be able to have the payment of a dress and two outfits that she made to Yailin for her latest music video. .

“Weeks pulling to get paid for the dress… With everyone I tried to communicate simply so that they would pay me. I am not charging $20,000 dollars, I am not charging $1,000,000 I was charging the price of the dress that was not paid and two outfits that I made for Yailin for her last video, but nothing. And I received them very decently, I received them as a very good person for a long time”, said Leidys Ortíz.

The image consultant and photographer also explained that she offered to take care of Kiiro, the expensive dog that Anuel gave Yailin on her birthday and pointed out to people that she was charging for taking care of the dog.

“I’m tired of people commenting on my photos saying things, to make me look bad. That supposedly I charged for Kiiro $200 dollars a day, They know how disrespectful it would be to charge for a dog that I loved. I took care of him, I taught him, I raised him with a lot of love for her, which I supposedly charged after I offered to take care of him, ”Leidys Ortiz annoyed while many messages came to her live transmission.

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