“You are the other half of the sky”: Tunden to Palazuelos after congratulating the women in the 8M – 24 Horas

“You are the other half of the sky”: Tunden to Palazuelos after congratulating the women in the 8M – 24 Horas

The actor and businessman Roberto Palazuelos Badeaux, who joined Citizen movement (MC) to compete for a seat in the Senate to represent Quintana Roohas been severely criticized on networks after his congratulation at women this March 8.

The actor Roberto Palazuelos, who ran as a candidate for the Senate for the Citizen Movement last November, shared a video on his social networks and which he later deleted. In the video, Palazuelos congratulated women on International Women’s Day.

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The actor, who appears as if in a garden, mentioned in the 23-second video:

“Good morning, on Women’s Day, I want to congratulate you all for your tireless fight, for your struggles, for your rights, for all your achievements and because you are the other half of heaven.

May God bless women, with all my heart. Here is his ally, his always ally Roberto Palazuelos”, is heard in the clip that he recovered @RuidoEnLaRed.

As expected, after the message, the Mexican businessman was criticized because Internet users have pointed out on several occasions and after the marches that this March 8, women are not congratulated because it is not a party, but an occasion. to remember, question, reflect and honor how far women have come despite the social constructs that have been imposed on them and that over time have been left aside.

Likewise, it is a glimpse of his struggle for his participation in society and his full development as a person, on an equal footing with men.

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Meanwhile, in the publication where the clip was shared, comments like:

“It’s Palazuelos, also what you expected”

“The only thing this asshole has is money, because he lacks everything else”

“Another animal that doesn’t understand”

“Unfortunate and not so much for him, in the end not much is expected, but what if he doesn’t have on his team or can’t hire someone with 3 brains? I don’t understand”

“This asshole: Today is not a delegation. Menso.”


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