Young people remove political propaganda and build dog houses

Young people remove political propaganda and build dog houses

“A cartel, a little house” is the initiative that seeks to reuse political propaganda banners and posters in order to be environmentally friendly and to create a little house for the dogs that need one.

During the electoral season it is very common to see posters, banners, brochures or painted walls on the streets that display a political party or candidate. One of the problems that is most mentioned is the pollution that all this generates.

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A youth association began a project to find a way to reuse all this propaganda and with it build houses for stray dogs.

The same association began its initiative and even reported that the candidates and their political parties offered to give them the canvases of their electoral campaigns once the campaigns were over.

The young people contributed together with the candidates and have offered to collect all the propaganda they left on the streets themselves.

The time it takes this youth association to build a dog house is approximately two hours, also using pieces of wood and tacks, avoiding using nails so as not to hurt the dogs.

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It should be noted that this initiative It has been happening for three and a half years and began in 2021 in Peru, maintaining its commitment to helping homeless people and supporting the environment.


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