14 Iconic Anime Best Friends Who Are Inseparable

14 Iconic Anime Best Friends Who Are Inseparable


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inseparable friends and iconic best friends, await us in this list of 14 iconic anime best friends.

Friendship is one of the most important aspects in anime. Shōnen. In the stories of adolescents and adults, their stories are mostly full of friendship and crucial encounters that define the personality and history of the protagonist.

This bond formed between both parties, be it childhood friend, classmate or just friends. They are all a fundamental pillar in any story of this genre. Having said that, we are heading to show a top 14 iconic anime best friends.

14. Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli’s JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 7: Steel Ball Run

johnny joestar and gyro zeppeli

Johnny Joestar is the main character of Steel Ball Run Y Zeppli Gyro He is your main partner. Both met very early in the series and in a few chapters they forged a great duo. This was only the beginning of their great friendship, as they manage to inspire each other in ways that no one else could.

In particular, Johnny He was a profound influence on gyros in his way of thinking and in what he really believes. Johnny he is her biggest confidant in her abilities and ultimately fully understands how important their friendship is. Johnny appreciates his friend to the point that he would do anything for him.

13. Caiman and Nikaido from Dorohedoro

alligator and nikaido

alligator Y Nikaido they are two of the main characters in the anime Dorohedoro. They live in the hole where Nikaido he has his shop. alligator he is a mysterious man, as he knows nothing about his past. Due to an unfortunate incident, the head of alligator was turned into that of a lizard.

They have synergistic Battles where they must handle the falls of numerous magicians together. Caiman and Nikaido they kill many magic users to find a way to fix their strange condition. They are sure that each is fundamental to the other.

12. Saichi Sugimoto and Asirpa from Golden Kamuy

golden kamuy saichi sugimoto asirpa

Both are the main characters of Golden Kamuy. After learning of the existence of a hidden treasure, Sugimoto decides to go out looking for him, and almost dies. But luckily Asirpa organizes his rescue from the clutches of death.

Once Asirpa learned about the hidden gold, he decides to help Sugimoto to find it. Along the way they come across many dangers, but they always watch each other’s backs. As the story progresses, the bond between the two grows stronger.

11. Ei Sei and Xin from Kingdom

ei sei and xin kingdom

hey sei He was next in the line of succession qin kingdombut due to a plot of his enemies, hey sei is forced to wait several years. He meets with Xinafter his double was murdered inside the castle.

Their friendship did not start in the best way, but with time it will improve. Both have helped each other in every situation that comes their way. hey sei trust to Xin its goal of unifying China and I entrust the work to Xin of becoming his sword in the process.

10. Gon and Killua from Hunter x Hunter

gon and killua hunter x hunter

Not many friendships can compare to the fellowship of Gon and Killua from Hunter x Hunter. The two met during the Hunter exams and immediately became good friends. Since then, they have reached the pro-hunter status and face any difficulty together.

They perfectly complement each other. gon they like to go to the head from time to time.

9. Naruto and Sasuke from Naruto

naruto and sasuke

Naruto is a series of Shōnen greatly influenced by the friendship of these two characters. There are other things that the plot focuses on, however, part of its main plot deals with the relationship of this couple of dysfunctional friends.

Sasuke leaves the village in search of becoming stronger, and everyone lets him go except Naruto. Naruto promise to bring back Sasuke from the depths of darkness. (Spoiler alert) and it did.

8. Straw Hat Pirates from One piece.

one piece straw hats pirates

They are not a duo, but they cannot be missed when talking about friendship in anime. LThe Straw Hat Pirates they are like a big family. The brotherhood keeps them together all the time, traveling together to different islands with which they try to fulfill their dreams. It is by law that in one piece He puts a lot of importance on friendship, and on different occasions, The Brotherhood gives everything to save one of their own.

The personalities within the brotherhood are diverse. However, each one has the perfect balance to complement what the other lacks, which strengthens their camaraderie and they live together in complete harmony.

7. L and Light from Death Note

ly light

In Death Note L and Light They might not be the best of friends, but they definitely are an iconic duo. Originally, they start out as enemies. After Light got the death note, he becomes a ruthless serial killer, and L was assigned to his case to get him caught.

Anyway, picking up the chain of events, Light ends up losing his memory and teams up with L. to catch Kira. Both combine their intellect on multiple occasions and this makes a special bond develop in a short time.

6. Gintoki and Katsura from Gintama

gintoki and katsura gintama

the duet of gintama which is responsible for many comedic scenes. Gintoki Y Katsura they are trained by the same teacher. But in the end they went their separate ways.

However, they have things in common, which is their deep admiration for each other. This couple explodes in various situations throughout the series, but they manage to save each other from possible danger.

5. Meliodas and Ban from The Seven Deadly Sins

meliodas and ban deadly sins

The manga of the seven deadly sins ended in March 2020, but the anime is still very present today.-

Meliodas share a special bond with ban, and he reciprocates these feelings. They understand each other perfectly, and more over time they manage to be on the same wavelength. They have proven their strength as a couple repeatedly against some of the strongest characters in the series.

4. Puck and Guts from Beserk

puck and guts berserk

As a victim of a horrible past, Berserk Guts was never interested in making friends; He only cared about getting stronger. After Gambino Betrayal, Guts I never trust anyone else. And I only change when met the Band of the Hawk. guts meets with puck in a tavern, when he doesn’t know how to save the fairy’s life. Despite his rude behavior. puck I decide to accompany guts on all your trips. In the path puck help to guts to recover from their traumas.

3. Joseph and Caesar from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure always has iconic duos, but none as relevant as Joseph and Caesar Zeppelli. Their first meeting was not planned, it all begins with a small fight that begins this lasting friendship with all the letters.

As the story progresses, they become very good friends. Eventually, caesar he even gave his life so he could save Joseph, showing how deep their friendship is.

2. Edward and Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist

edward and aphonse

Edward and Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist they are a very rare case in anime these brothers are the best of friends. Often in anime we are shown friendships that start out in strange ways and somehow or another cross paths. Nevertheless; this is not the case Edward and Alphonse Elric.

These brothers have always been together, and they are synchronized with each other, due to their brotherly love, they help each other in all the difficulties that arise and even have the same common goal, which strengthens them.

1. Ash and Pikachu from Pokemon

ash and pikachu

From this list we could consider it the rarest, despite being a friendship of a «Pokemon» and a human, she is arguably one of the most mythical and strongest in all of anime history. From your first encounter Ash Y Pikachu They have always been together, ever since they left Popsicle Town. They have faced countless adventures over the years and their bond has grown stronger with time.

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