Johnny Depp says goodbye to “Pirates of the Caribbean” forever;  the saga will be restarted – El Diario NY

Johnny Depp says goodbye to “Pirates of the Caribbean” forever; the saga will be restarted – El Diario NY

Despite the hope of fans of Johnny Depp and from the same “Pirates of the Caribbean” saga, to see the actor again as Captain Jack Sparrow, Disney, through the producer Jerry Bruckheimerannounced that the famous pirate franchise will have a reboot in order to “not wait for certain actors.”

But we are going to restart ‘Pirates’, so it will be easier to put the pieces together because you don’t have to wait for certain actors.”

Jerry Bruckhemier


It is worth mentioning that after starring in the five films of the successful saga, Johnny Depp He remained linked to the restart of the saga despite the controversial trial in which he faced his ex-partner Amber Heard. However, and although his name is not mentioned directly, there is no doubt that Disney no longer has the interpreter of “Edward Scissorhands” in the new future of its saga.

Fans’ dream collapses

According to Jerry Bruckheimer, who also serves as producer of the successful “Top Gun” films, he stated that it will be a “challenge” to find a new actor to become the face of such an established franchise, such as Tom. Cruise in “Top Gun.”

It’s hard to know. You don’t know, you really don’t know. You don’t know how an actor and a story come together. You just don’t know. Because with ‘Top Gun’ you have an actor who is ironic and brilliant.”

Jerry Bruckhemier


It is worth mentioning that prior to the announcement of BruckheimerThe team of Johnny Depp mentioned that the American actor was willing to resume his role as Captain Jack Sparrow after more than 7 years of sterilizing the film “Salazar’s Revenge”, the fifth and final film in the saga.

Johnny Depp

The future of “Pirates of the Caribbean”

It is worth remembering that after the much-discussed reboot of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” saga, the first news, originating in mid-2023, mentioned that Craig Mazinproducer of the series “The Last Of Us” had written a script that disney had approved. However, the actors’ strike that paralyzed the entire medium caused the new startup plans to be put on hold again.

During the last few months, the franchise was “revived” again after the names of the possible cast were leaked, among which were the Oscar nominee Margot Robbiand. Similarly, and more recently, the winner of the Emmy, the Golden Globe and the Critics Choice Awards was rumored, Ayo Edeberifor her role in “The Bear”, as the protagonist of the new saga.

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