4 signs that will be visited by a lucky angel before the March eclipse

4 signs that will be visited by a lucky angel before the March eclipse

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The eclipse of March 25 is filled with numerous variations in terms of astrology. And in general, although the Zodiac signs tend to be perceived as unique elements of luck, the horoscope Of all people, they have at least one angel to guide them for the rest of their lives. And although the designation of angels varies according to the culture of each place, the truth is that none of these angels guardians is “exclusive:” they simply visit those who feel need them.

Zodiac signs visited by your LUCKY angel in March

Those born under this sign will be visited by the angel Raphael, who is known for his ability to heal and provide protection. It is very likely that this Zodiac sign are going through a very difficult stage: whether they have emotional or physical aspects to improve, Rafael will give them the luck they need to recover from everything that worries them. This will also help establish meaningful connections, as well as perform some social “cleansing.”

The angel Michael will be a comforting and protective presence for this Zodiac sign. Like Leo, Miguel is known for being a natural leader; Under his mantle, those who follow him find courage and a lot of willpower. Leos will feel renewed after the eclipse, and with that renewal will come the luck at work or school that they have been waiting for for months or years. Fear can be paralyzing within Leo’s emotional health, but again, Miguel will grant them diplomacy and wisdom.

For Virgo, the angel Gabriel will be your main guide during the month. This messenger from heaven is recognized for helping find clarity and direction in the lives of those who pray to him. Most likely, Virgo has had a venture in mind that he does not dare to start; However, once the eclipse passes, the fear of it will pass as Gabriel will spread his wings towards this Zodiac sign. Abundance is just a matter of time.

Scorpio has gone through marked moments of uncertainty over the last few months, and overall, it seems to be a horoscope anchored to the past. For this reason, the angel Jeremiel will come hand in hand with powerful revelations, helping those who were born under this Zodiac sign to forgive and find meaning in their future. Additionally, Jeremiel offers guidance for releasing old patterns and resentments; providing an abundant path for the desires of Scorpio to be fulfilled.

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