Street Fighter 6: Monster Hunter’s 20th Anniversary Will Be Part of the Game!

Street Fighter 6: Monster Hunter’s 20th Anniversary Will Be Part of the Game!

Street Fighter 6title developed and edited by Capcom; has just announced through an exciting trailer that it will be part of the celebration for the 20th anniversary from the popular franchise monster hunter. This great preview of just one minute has allowed us to observe the new features that we can enjoy within the game, as well as the hunter theme and other nods to the long-running saga that will be present starting next month.

Assemble, Hunters Guild! –Street Fighter 6

On this occasion, the successful fighting game will receive a new collaboration, thanks to a sister franchise; which will join the long list of interactions you have had throughout all these months. After the milestone of 3 millions of copies sold, Capcom did not want to miss the opportunity to integrate its most recent title into the celebration of the anniversary of one of its longest-running sagas, such as Monster Hunter.

In this way, the saga of the hunters will have its first approach through the Battle Hub, a place where we can be part of a new adventure and enjoy spaces set in the most recent MH installments. Likewise, it will seek to integrate different challenges related to collaboration that will wink at all its previous launches so far.

Likewise, it was confirmed that we will be able to get the Rathalos Armorwhich is one of the most iconic, versatile and useful garments within the delivery of Monster Hunter World and the franchise in general. Equally important, will be the imposing life-size figure that we will find when entering the special area that will be enabled when this collaboration with Street Fighter 6 begins.

It is in this place where we can measure ourselves with the fearsome Rathalos, main mascot of the franchise. This area will be main area where players will have the opportunity to take photos and interact with the community through the different events and dynamics that will be presented during the duration of this collaboration.

Finally, Capcom promised to share more information about this event as the weeks go by, in addition to ensuring that they will continue to include more playable characters in the roster of fighters. Such is the case of Akumawhich was confirmed a few hours ago and which will be the subject of another news item that you can find on the website of AnmoSugoi.

Remember that Street Fighter 6winner of the GOTY 2023 for best Fighting Game, is now available for the PlayStation ecosystem (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5), Xbox Series X/S and compatible (PC) through the Steam platform.


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