Adal Ramones visibly shocked by the delicate state of health of Daniel Bisogno – El Diario NY

Adal Ramones visibly shocked by the delicate state of health of Daniel Bisogno – El Diario NY

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For several days now, there has been talk about the delicate state of health that television presenter Daniel Bisogno has been facing, who was admitted to a medical center due to a “bacteria” that attacked his lungs, according to Pati Chapoy.

Things for the host of ‘Ventaneando’ are getting worse and worse because he entered intensive care and is intubated, a fact for which his friend Adal Ramones is dismayed: “Everything that has happened to him has hurt me, but Daniel has a very thick skin, but when you talk about health issues, When you talk about health, everything else is put aside.”

The actor also did not hide that the situation that Bisogno is going through has really affected him, as well as his romantic partner: “Karla loves him, Karla, my wife loves Daniel and What is happening hurts us a lot and if we want to get out of thisand I do want to laugh with him, because he is one of the most creative people I know.”

Adal’s solidarity and concern for his colleague demonstrate the importance of supporting each other in difficult times, and of valuing the health and well-being of those around us.

Everything hurt me a lot, since the divorce and it hurt me a lot how the media hit him Also, very, very, very much, the first publication that he had, strongly against him, he experienced with me, because it was at a Mother’s Day event,” he said in front of the media.

Ramones took the opportunity to highlight Bisogno’s personality. Therefore, he hopes for his speedy improvement to continue adding positive memories to both of their lives, where they can laugh until they can’t.

“I believe that the world of stand-up lost a great comedian, because I told him ‘Dani, you could be the best stand-up’. We love each other very much and he is a great human being that my family, our friends, we wish for him to come out of this, God grant that we will be toasting again, raising a glass and laughing with Daniel, because he is a great human being,” he told reporters.

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