The ONLY way they can DENY YOU US citizenship despite having passed the exam

The ONLY way they can DENY YOU US citizenship despite having passed the exam


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The opportunity to obtain the United States citizenship It’s one of the privileges to which thousands of foreigners who have decided to settle completely in said country seek access. North American country, so there are those who seek to be recognized as those whoand were born naturally in this country, and the process is to approve the evaluations imposed by the Migration Servicebut be careful, because despite approving these exam This reason could cause the entire process and here we tell you what it is about.

It is important to mention that for a person born outside the borders of this nation, the privilege of obtaining this is offered naturalizationbut be careful, since you must pass the evaluations of civic knowledge and mastery of English language, otherwise you would not be able to receive your new documentation, since you are either ‘prepared’ to be considered as a American citizen more, so experts say that it is very important to be prepared.

What is a fact is that once you pass the exam and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office consider you as one of them with the same rights and obligationsthe process must follow its course, since it takes you to the last step to obtain the American citizenship and it is the naturalization ceremony, which is carried out in the judicial Court.

And this ceremony is part of the entire process of citizenship of the United States, so not going, regardless of the reason, is the only way in which everyone Procedure it will be cancelled even though you have Passed the examso you must keep in mind that this step is just as important as the rest, and this is what you must keep in mind for this emotional step.

What is the United States citizenship ceremony about?

This is the final process of citizenship, since in this format the oath in englishwhich will be read little by little by an officer and the group will be asked to repeat it, and subsequently the naturalization certificatesame with which later you can begin to request all your new documentationso it is very important that you go, since the dates are designated by the USCIS.

Be careful, although it is often said that this phase of the process is just as important and if you do not attend, the process will be completely suspended, if you definitely cannot attend, you must send USCIS he Form N-445 along with a letter requesting a new date explaining the reasons why you cannot attend the naturalization ceremony.


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