Adamari López sharply answers those who ask the reason for his singleness – El Diario NY

Adamari López sharply answers those who ask the reason for his singleness – El Diario NY


Adamari López explained that she is currently focused on her work and her daughter Alaïa, so she does not have time or energy to dedicate herself to a romantic relationship. Furthermore, she assured that she prefers to be alone and enjoy her independence at this time.

“First, because I don’t want to. Second, because I have no time. Third, because I haven’t met the right one. But one question: Does it bother you?” he mentioned in a video uploaded last Monday to his official Instagram account. Furthermore, he was accompanied by the following message: “Ideal answer for when they ask you intrusive questions.”

The presenter also mentioned that she has had strong experiences in the past in terms of romantic relationships, which has led her to make the decision not to look for a partner for the moment. However, she does not rule out the possibility of finding love in the future, but for now she prefers to dedicate herself and her family.

What is Adamari López looking for in a man?

“I am looking for a couple who wants to form a family for life, who wants to be a loyal man, a faithful man in all aspects, in the relationship, but also in convictions, in principles, in faith. A man who respects, loves and accepts my daughter. I want a hard-working, fun man who wants to travel, enjoy, who has family plans, that’s what I want“He told People en Español magazine in mid-2022.

Internet users give their opinion on Adamari López’s response

“And fourth because you are unbearable”, “Very good response for people involved in the personal lives of others”, “Take your time, you are still very young, don’t run, you have a daughter and you have to give yourself time, she will come”, “Great response Ada! It’s no one’s business what you do in your personal life”, “Very good answer”, “It’s the best thing you can say to someone who doesn’t care about your life”, “But you win, you do have my love”, were some of the reactions recorded in the post.

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