Former Liga MX player was attacked in a Colombian soccer match – La Opinión

Former Liga MX player was attacked in a Colombian soccer match – La Opinión

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The match between Deportivo Independiente de Medellín and Atlético Nacional was tainted by the behavior of the home fans in the Atanasio Girardot Stadium. The final minutes were unfolding and Pablo Ceppelini suffered an attack before taking a corner. The former Liga MX player received the impact of a knife that hit his head.

According to reports from that night of Sunday, April 21, Pablo Ceppelini would have been hit by a knife. Luckily for the player, the object hit his head on the non-sharp side.

Although Pablo Ceppelini himself considers that they are “football things”, this action needs to be treated very seriously in institutional contexts. In the first instance The failure in the security protocol that allowed the entry of a fan with a knife must be punished.

“We know that the referee (Wilmar) Roldán is very senior, we thought he was going to suspend the match, that measures were going to be taken. I have a bump, it’s swollen, it hurts a little, there’s a little bit of blood, but it wasn’t enough to suture me or give me stitches, but don’t worry, it’s football stuff.“Ceppelini said in an interview for Caracol radio.

The disposition of Atlético Nacional

On the other hand, strategist Pablo Repetto highlighted the attitude of his players. After the constant attacks from the local public and the magnitude of the action against Ceppelini, The Atlético Nacional players could have refused to continue the match and resolved the match dispute from the desk.

We would like to highlight our players, if Ceppelini throws, the game has to be suspended and we win the points. At all times we wanted to play, they threw everything at us on two occasions. That’s the sad thing about today, it didn’t happen to adults, we don’t want that to happen. The team finished the game, I hope this doesn’t happen again, Let it be a party, each one cheering for their team and may the best one win.”Repetto explained.

Ceppelini and his time in Mexico

The experienced 32-year-old Uruguayan midfielder He had a brief stint in Mexican soccer. Pablo Ceppelini came to Liga MX thanks to Blue Cross in 2020.

However, the South American footballer did not have great consistency in Aztec football. Cruz Azul gave up Ceppelini and even let him go free at the end of the contract. During his time with La Maquina, Ceppelini played seven games and scored one goal.

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