Adrian Newey is the jewel that everyone wants in Formula 1. 100 million euros to sign him!  – The opinion

Adrian Newey is the jewel that everyone wants in Formula 1. 100 million euros to sign him! – The opinion

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The design of a car in Formula 1 is increasingly important for teams, and even the smallest detail can make and be the difference so that the driver can be successful or a total failure in terms of performance on the track, precisely for this reason the technical developments reached a point such that the engineers of each team They have become the true hidden champions of Formula 1.

This is where Mr. Adrian Newey, the brain behind the southern Red Bull Racing team, comes into play. who this week has been in the news for his possible departure from the team and arrival at the Maranello team, Ferrari, although it was also known that Newey has offers from other teams to acquire his services.

The English coach could join a team from his nation and it is Aston Martinsomething that would represent a great challenge because obviously the goal for said team is to continue adding from any point of view and to be able to face the greats such as the aforementioned Red Bull and Ferrari in the driver and constructor classification grid.

Multi-million dollar offer on the table

According to information from the Italian sports media, La Gazzetta Dello Sport, the British team of tycoon Lawrence Stroll would be totally open to disbursing a total of 100 million euros, which would be approximately $107 million dollars in a 4-year contract for Newey.

The amount of money that would be paid to the English coach is a real possibility since Aston Martin’s main sponsor is Aramco, a company that is dedicated to oil exploitation and that seeks to ensure that its team can win at least one race in the highest category of professional motorsport.

Why would Newey want to leave Red Bull?

Apparently Newey’s possible departure would be linked to the entire implosion experienced in times recent incidents in the team, which involves the team boss Christian Horner, Max Verstappen’s father and the driver himself, especially when there are issues of inappropriate behavior and coercive conduct, internal investigations of the team and all this would have both Newey and his partner Amanda are quite upset and would like to get away from it all.

Newey is a vital asset in F1

The Briton is considered the most awarded technician in the history of Formula 1 and the numbers speak for themselves: a total of 25 titles won during his time at Red Bull, Williams and McLaren.

Other media affirm the signing for Ferrari

Auto Motor und Sport of Germany and Autosport of England have stated and assume that Newey He will be making his arrival at Ferrari for the 2025 season along with Lewis Hamilton, the brand new signing of the red team, and with whom he had the opportunity to meet at McLaren in 1998 when the seven-time world champion was only 13 years old and participating. in the karting category.

Lawrence Stroll, his son Lance and Fernando Alonso will be the 3 key pieces for Astor Martin and they hope to add Newey to take the English team to the top of the classification grid for both drivers and manufacturers, sooner rather than later and finally be able to face the great powers of recent years such as Red Bull Racing and Ferrari.

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