“Chivas must scour all of Mexico in search of talent, before thinking about naturalized and foreigners”: Alberto Guerra – La Opinión

“Chivas must scour all of Mexico in search of talent, before thinking about naturalized and foreigners”: Alberto Guerra – La Opinión

The former champion coach with Chivas in the 1986-87 season, Alberto Guerra totally rejected the idea that the Sacred Flock opens the door to naturalized players and foreigners to wear the shirt of the only team in Liga MX that maintains in quotes the philosophy of playing with pure Aztec players.

In chat with The opinion, war tHe also took time to ensure that the figure of Chivas, Javier “Chicharito” Hernandezhe needs the advice of his maternal grandfather Tomás Bálcazar to play more and talk less.

ANDIn the first instance Guerra highlighted that: now it is more complicated to maintain Mexican philosophy in Chivas due to the intervention of interests and above all due to the pressure of demanding spectacle from Chivas and that has attacked Chivas in trying to maintain the team with only Mexicans,” he explained.

However, he highlighted: “I think that even with everything against us, the solution to prevent people from thinking about playing with foreigners or naturalized players is to look for young people from all over the country who still want to wear the Chivas shirt,” he said.

Guerra, who in his time as Chivas coach knew how to handle all the pressure that existed against the Guadalajara team and put together high-level teams, assured on this issue of maintaining the national philosophy in the Guadalajara team that: “where they are formed they must provide more tools for new players and to be able to take this philosophy forward,” he highlighted.

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The former champion coach with Chivas Alberto Guerra in a conversation with La Opinión, gave his point of view as to why there should be no naturalized people or foreigners in the Sacred Flock. Photo: Courtesy Alberto Guerra.

And he added that: “The issue is that there are good Mexican players and they should go look for them. We should go and comb the country, there is a great map in player scouting, because young people are still excited about the idea of ​​playing for Guadalajara, but I have heard parents complain that the coaches have too much prominence or that The technicians themselves come looking for a benefit or preference for some,” he commented.

Guerra highlighted that: “I think that in these moments where so much is demanded of Chivas, the sports director like the Spaniard Fernando Hierro should know more about the people who were successful in the team and did not talk about our times, but about the former players. more recent ones, like a Ramón Ramírez, a Camilo Romero, a Joel Sánchez, Paulo César “Tilón” Chávez himself, who can help find those new players,” he highlighted.

To conclude this topic, Guerra said that: “I think Chivas should strengthen this philosophy with good trainers, but if these are not useful, run everyone away and bring in those who help cultivate this idea among young Mexicans,” he said.

“Chícharo” Hernández must play more and talk less

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The forward and figure of Chivas should play more and talk less, said former Rebaño Sagrado coach, Alberto Guerra. Photo: Oscar Meza/Imago7.

Regarding the new attitude shown by Javier “Chicharito” Hernández, the former Rebaño strategist assured that: “I knew my grandfather (Tomás Bálcazar, a member of the Chivas championship team in the 1960s), it’s a shame he’s gone, but I think that Chícharo needs the old man’s advice to stabilize him, to come and be the reference that the team needs, to put himself in optimal condition and what he has left at the end of his career, to offer it playing,” he said.

And he added that “Let it be a game model, let it not talk and play the best it can, let it score the goals that make a difference to reflect it in the standings and in the victories to fight for the title,” he concluded.

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