Al Pacino says why he didn’t mention the nominees when presenting the Best Picture award at the Oscars – El Diario NY

Al Pacino says why he didn’t mention the nominees when presenting the Best Picture award at the Oscars – El Diario NY

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There is no ceremony Oscar awards in which a controversy does not arise, and this year, when it comes to knowing the final verdict on Best Picture, Al Pacino He went on stage to reveal the winner and made a “mistake” that did not go unnoticed.

The actor caused confusion when he abruptly announced that the winner was “Oppenheimer” without first listing the 10 nominees, as is customary. “I didn’t mean to leave them out.Pacino said in a statement.

Pacino did not mince words and his speech did not include an introduction or recognition of the nominees, as was the case with the rest of the categories. “Best Picture… Oh, I have to go to the envelope for that,” the iconic actor expressed and continued: “And I will. Here it comes. And, my eyes see… ‘Oppenheimer’?” Thus, between confusion and emotion, the protagonists of the film directed by Christopher Nolan went to the stage to receive the statuette.

“The producers decided not to say again [el nombre de los nominados]as they were individually highlighted throughout the ceremony,” Al Pacino explained in a statement issued Monday afternoon.

Pacino claimed that he “chose to follow” the way the producers wanted the award to be presented.

“I realize that being nominated is a great milestone in one’s life and that not being fully recognized is offensive and hurtful,” the artist added. “I say this as someone deeply involved with filmmakers, actors and producers, so I deeply empathize with those who have been slighted by this oversight and that is why I felt it was necessary to make this statement,” the actor apologized.

Speaking to Variety magazine, Oscar producer Molly McNearney confirmed that the decision to directly name the winner was made because they were “very concerned that the ceremony would be too long,” she said.

“When you get to the end of the show, you’ve already seen the 10 trailers for the Best Picture nominees. People just want to know who wins and are ready for the show to end. At least that’s what we believed and that’s why we didn’t give Al Pacino the nominations to read,” he added.

The producer apologized to Al Pacino for the impact of the decision: “Put him in a difficult situation. It was a little confusing, but that’s the thrill of live television. “You never know exactly what is going to happen!” he concluded.

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