Did Cristina Saralegui retire from TV due to addictions?  She herself speaks after 15 years of absence

Did Cristina Saralegui retire from TV due to addictions? She herself speaks after 15 years of absence



It was at the end of 1989, when Univisión opted for one of the most successful programs it has ever had, ‘Cristina’s show’, which was led by the driver of Cuban origin, Cristina Saraleguibut after 21 years on the air and with the love of the entire world on her, the blonde ended up leaving the channel and marked the end of an era, but it has been widely speculated that one of the reasons for her ‘disappearance’were addictions, and after 15 years After a break in his career, he comes out to talk about it.

It is important to mention that the show came to an end in October 2011, when the famous talk show came out of the programmatic bar of the famous network speaks spanishand according to the official version that she herself presenter shared, left the television in 2010, Due to the program cancellationsince they told him that everything was due to his age and the duration of it, as they believed that it was a much fresher time.

Well, throughout 21 years on TV, things ended from one moment to the next, but through different media It was said that there was a hidden reason for the end of program, since as it has been said that Cristina Saraleguicurrently 76 years old, would have had addiction problems, reasons why Univisión decided to end her contract, since since 2010 she has not been seen anywhere else. TV project.

However, she herself remained margin of statementsbecause it was even rumored that he was very serious health as a result of drug use, but it was the past February month of this 2024 when the presenter has decided to break the silence and was invited on the competition network, Telemundoand finally he spoke not only about the end of the program but also about its health condition.

Why has Cristina Saralegui taken a break from TV?

It was last February when the blonde was a special guest on middle of his birthday, because the competition wanted to make a small tributewhich marked the blonde’s return to the television, where for the first time he was honest not only about his absence but also, he said he felt happy to be reunited with his public, and above all, clarify some rumors about his life and health that he could not talk about at the time.

And it has also been said that the one born in Havana Cubawas in a wheelchair, so he had the opportunity to defend oneself andn around her retirement, since she assures that she lives at home without bothering anyone, which is why it bothers her that they invent things about her that are not true at all, since it was also rumored that she would be living in the extreme poverty:

“I have a great time, that’s why I want to tell people not to worry anymore… I’m going to tell you the truth: I’m not an alcoholic, I’m not a drug addict, I’m not broke… What’s my head with everything that I “I have worked in my life, that we who were owners of 3 television studios are going to be bankrupt?” said Cristina Saralegui.

And despite the good time they were having in the morning of Todayif she seemed a little upset by everything they have invented about her, she assures that even her family has had to communicate with her after the rumors that are now filtering in the social networkssince she said that she is not very keen on being very active in the digital platforms, and that has left him very angry.

“It bothers me a lot that they hurt people, that an aunt has to write to me to ask if I’m okay, that the people who love us are worried,” he responded.


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