Alan Pulido attacks the historical players of the Mexican team – La Opinion

Alan Pulido attacks the historical players of the Mexican team – La Opinion

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The Mexican team is going through a dark present in Concacaf. El Tri has suffered the dominance of the United States in continental competitions. Criticisms come to the fore, but many of them are directed at the players. Alan Pulido attacked the veterans of Mexico.

Much has been said about the lack of generational change. The criticisms are directed at the same protagonists as always, players for whom a replacement has not been sought. Alan Pulido explained that this is what makes the difference with the United States.

“The United States had to sacrifice a World Cup, In the past they went with pure young people and they performed better and I think that in this coming one they will come even better prepared and In Mexico we are always thinking that some player will achieve the fifth World Cup because it’s going to be historic and we look at things that are not so important in terms of football,” said the former Chivas player in statements published by EFE.

In addition to this factor, Alan Pulido pointed out in the lack of export from Liga MX. The United States team barely included two players who play in the MLS in their call-up. Mexico, for its part, He called up many players from Liga MX, but they are debating starting positions on their teams with foreign players.

The competitive touch of Europe gave the United States an extra ingredient that its coach knew how to capitalize on. The Aztec striker explained that The mentality that playing in the Old Continent gives you is a factor to take into account.

The players they have in Europe are in important teamsin well-known teams worldwide, now also add that the mentality is very differenthow they approach each game, the physical preparation, here they really put a lot of emphasis on that and I think you can suddenly see on the field how they go for each ball, with such aggressiveness, The players are getting stronger every time, and that ends up surpassing you in the games.“he added.

The MLS is an example to follow

Although Mexican soccer teams respond very well in continental tournaments, Alan Pulido considers that the errors are in the organization of the Liga MX and the assembly of the squads.

Although the MLS has a large percentage of foreigners, Young American talents leave their local tournament very easily. This is not viable in Mexican soccer, since the players are protected with large contracts.

“What the United States has done is not lose the identity that they have, They continue to add more teams to the league, they always bring more competition to the league, the infrastructure is spectacular, The MLS has evolved too much and I think Mexico has not, the league is left to its due, there are three or four teams and the others do not compete in the same way, They took away promotion and relegation, they take away opportunities from the players because there are many foreigners“, he concluded.

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