Alexis Vega and the weight of wearing the “10” of Mexico in the World Cup in Qatar 2022

Alexis Vega and the weight of wearing the “10” of Mexico in the World Cup in Qatar 2022


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The number 10 on the jersey is not taken lightly. Traditionally, it identifies the most popular player on the team, the offensive creator, the one who has the weight of solving games on his shoulders and does so at any time. Maradona, Pele, Messi, Ronaldo are some examples that have carried it with pride throughout history. and this time Mexico’s 10 is already definedit will be for Alexis Vega.

This Tuesday, FIFA announced the official numbers with which the Mexican players will defend the jersey in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, which by regulation must go from 1 to 26.

And Alexis Vega will bear the responsibility of wearing the tricolor 10, a number that will immediately make the whole world turn to look at it during the team’s matches, but along with the reflectors, the weight of bringing the half-court team afloat will come. forward.

The expectations and dreams of a country immediately fell on the back of Alexis Vega, who in Liga MX has shown that he has the capacity to stand up to commitment and that he does not shrink under pressure, although, of course, a Chivas vs. América in the Azteca Stadium that a Mexico vs. Argentina in a World Cup, the difference is abysmal.

It will be a true acid test for the 10 of the Sacred Flock, because he will have the opportunity to consecrate himself and, at the same time, to vindicate a number that in the last World Cups has not weighed for Mexico, since Giovani dos Santos, Guille Franco and Luis García did not perform as expected at the time; Cuahtémoc Blanco could be the exception, with outstanding performances in Korea-Japan 2002 and South Africa 2010.

Who used the “10” during the qualifying rounds in the Mexican National Team?

It should be remembered that, during Grardo Martino’s stage as Mexico coach, the number 10 did not have a fixed player, but rather rotated a lot. In the meetings of the last months he was already using Alexis Vega, but months before he carried it Orbelin Pinedasometimes took it Diego Laínez and also Rodolfo Pizarro It was another of the carriers.

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