VIDEO: Man installs barbershop in an abandoned shed;  goes viral

VIDEO: Man installs barbershop in an abandoned shed; goes viral

A man went viral on social media after it was captured within a barbershop which he installed in a stand abandoned.

Witnesses captured the exact moment in which a man was seen inside a barbershop that was installed in a booth that was abandoned within the state of Monterrey, Nuevo León.

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According to what was reported by local media, it was a guard booth that was located at the entrance to one of the neighborhoods in this town.

The person in charge of uploading this video to the internet was a woman who recorded the man inside her business while he laughed and assured that he had a “shark mind” to venture in and thus be able to get his money.


Don’t let anyone stop you from wanting to pull if the guard no longer wants to come… Well, open a barber shop

♬ original sound – VaNe HDZ

It has also emerged that the business is located in the neighborhood called sector 25 mirador in Juárez.

It should be noted that the man decided to name his establishment “Barber Mendoza”, and in the clip it was observed that instead of windows he had some bags so you could see how he was cutting a person.

The recording went viral and accumulated several opinions from users, some of these were the following:

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“No one enters the subdivision with long hair.”

“Barber and guard, the vato is a good worker.”

“What do you earn to start my nail salon haha.”

“Of my New Golden Lion.”

So far the video has accumulated more than 500 thousand views.


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