Alfredo Adame ATTACKS against Lupillo Rivera and mocks his musical career

Alfredo Adame ATTACKS against Lupillo Rivera and mocks his musical career



The things in reality most Telemundo celebrities, The House of the Famous They continue to get hotter, but without a doubt, the surprise of the past Monday March 25 It was the output of nothing more and nothing less than Alfredo Adame, who apparently did not take the public’s decision well at all and true to his style decided to speak strongly about Lupillo Rivera, with whom he had several unfortunate encounters in the program and all this was what he said.

Since the participation of the 65-year-old Mexican actor and host was announced, thousands of fans knew that the temperature inside the reality show I was going to be at full throttle, since it is already public knowledge that strong temperament of the Mexican, and as expected, also his exit gave a lot to talk about, because just a few moments after leaving the Homewas already giving controversial statements against other colleagues.

And Adame had several unfortunate encounters with some of the members The House of the Famousfrom Gregorio Pernia, La Divaza, Cristina Porta and even with Lupillo Rivera, Well, he still had many things to say about the latter, and his departure from the program was only the perfect pretext to achieve it, since he spoke without any problem about the life, career and more of the brother of the deceased. Diva of the Band.

Alfredo Adame became the ninth eliminated from the famous network’s most controversial program. speaks spanish, and apparently, the star of the television photos did not take his expulsion well at all, because in addition to ensuring that he does not take any of good memories of his passage through realityhad the opportunity in front of Jimena Gallego to launch against the also known as ‘Bull of the bull’.

Does Alfredo Adame insult Lupillo Rivera on TV?

It was already from the photo of eliminated and galas every night where the actor born in Guadalajara, Jalisco ranted against his former program colleagues, but true to his style he went much more to the jugular against Lupillo Rivera, whom he described as false, hypocritical, manipulative And till uncultivatedbecause apparently the bad encounters he experienced with the singer have left a bad taste in his mouth:

“The least reliable is Lupillo, he is a false prophet who is using four people who allow themselves to be manipulated who are his puppets and his puppets and at his whim he is maneuvering and manipulating them to create, according to him, a strategy to get the people out… What “If it’s sad about Lupillo, it’s that after being a successful singer and earning a lot of money, he ended up working as a circus clown,” the actor expressed forcefully, as he assures that no one in the program is up to par. of his career, much less of the knowledge he possesses.


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