What type of CANCER would Kate Middleton have and what STAGE would it be in?

What type of CANCER would Kate Middleton have and what STAGE would it be in?


The Kate Middleton’s health has looked very delicate since last January, when it was announced that she had undergone surgery with a abdominal surgery, which began to raise suspicions among many, since there was no further information about it and he had not been seen since the Christmas holidays, so speculation was swift regarding what his true state of health would be.

It was several weeks after the Wale’s princess announced that it would have been diagnosed with cancer and that he was already undergoing treatments to combat this difficult disease, although no further details were said about which organ or part of the body he would have it in.

Again, there are many speculations surrounding the health of the man’s wife. prince william about what type of cancer he has, how advanced it is, the chemotherapies, among other things, due to the Windsors’ lack of information or simply because they want to have greater privacy in such delicate moments.


What are the hypotheses about the Princess of Wales’s type of cancer?

Although there is no official information about it, there are people who have begun to speculate what could really be happening with Kate, such as the case of Doctor Juan Rivera who gave his own hypothesis about all this to the program “Despierta América.”

The expert assures that according to what is known, the cancer could be located in the ovary, uterus or also in the colon, This being very different from what many others have said, since they have related it to the abdomen or even the stomach, due to the surgery they performed.

While Dr. Greg Marchand, who was consulted by the Fox News network in Washington, indicated that he believes that cancer is found in the stage one or, early age, based on and analyzing the statements that Middleton herself gave a few days ago.


Likewise, Michael Dinner, who is executive director of the Miami Cancer Institute, stated that it is incorrect to say that someone takes chemotherapies “preventive” as Kate put it: “We don’t generally use the term ‘preventive chemotherapy’, but we do use it if a patient has established cancer we often give chemotherapy afterwards to prevent it from coming back.”

Despite various theories and hypotheses, so far we do not know what type of cancer Kate Middleton has until she.herself British royal family make it known if they decide so.

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