Alfredo Adame declares after being eliminated from ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ and supports Maripily Rivera – El Diario NY

Alfredo Adame declares after being eliminated from ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ and supports Maripily Rivera – El Diario NY

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Alfredo Adame, in an interview after his elimination, not only limited himself to talking about his departure, he also mentioned surprising details that he noticed about Lupillo Rivera, as well as giving his point of view about one of the contestants who has become the strongest. seen and it is Maripily Rivera.

“Minutes before my departure I am rethinking and questioning what I did wrong. I consider that I did nothing wrong, I did not commit any capital sin, I did not offend, insult, denigrate, humiliate any woman. and, well, I feel that all this is the consequence of someone who planted me from the first day who was insulting me, offending me, bothering me,” he began by saying in front of the Telemundo cameras.

The actor took the opportunity to talk about one of the contestants of the show and it is Lupillo and he expressed that apparently he is: “The least reliable is Lupillo, he is a false prophet that he is using 4 people who allow themselves to be manipulated, who are his puppets and his puppets, and at his whim he is maneuvering and manipulating them to create, according to him, a strategy to get the people out,” he said. “What they don’t know is that their false prophet will not hesitate to take them out when he needs it.”

Before stopping to mention the singer, he also added that: “What is sad about Lupillo is that after being a successful singer and earning a lot of money, he ended up working as a circus clown.”

Alfredo Adame supports Maripily Rivera

Furthermore, Adame revealed that during his stay at ‘La casa de los Famosos’ he had the opportunity to get to know Maripily better and that he has a very good impression of her. He also highlighted her honesty and authenticity.

“Maripily’s decision to leave the fourth Earth was because they were simply betraying her and Lupillo was already bringing her… Lupillo saw in her a very strong contender who brought a lot of power and the only thing he could think of was not to compete, but to sneak it in. . They set up a conspiracy there and called her a traitor when we all know that she did not betray them, it was them.“, he stated.

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