Amagami celebrates its 15th anniversary with fans

Amagami celebrates its 15th anniversary with fans

Amagami It is known by many anime fans, since this incredible story became popular thanks to its two animated seasons, but without a doubt, all those followers who fondly remember this series played the visual novel at the time, being amazed by the such characteristic characters with unique personalities. Now, in this month of March, your 15th anniversary has been celebrated thanks to his most loyal fans.

Amagami commemorates its 15th anniversary since its release on PlayStation consoles


From the different conversation forums in Japanthere are several fans who remember Amagami with great affection, even fans remember her as a masterpiece which they cannot miss the opportunity to play. Without a doubt, its popularity was so great and to such a degree that it obtained its anime series with two seasons which were quite well praised by the fans of this amazing visual novel.

Also through x (formerly Twitter) a reminder has been made about its 15th anniversary. This visual novel, despite having been released for Playstation 2 In 2009, he also had his chance to debut on Sony’s portable console, the Play Station Vita, two years after its original release. Thanks to this, its popularity spread throughout Japan and it was able to get the green light to have an anime just one year after its debut as a visual novel.

Amagami Tsukasaayatsuji 02Amagami Tsukasaayatsuji 02

In this story we will come across the cute main waifus that will make our adventure iconic, since we say that they are 6 beautiful girls to whom we must demonstrate our unconditional love. So it is then a true visual spectacle to talk and hang out with each one, and then have to make the decision of who is the right one for us as the protagonist of the story.

Without a doubt, one of the niche titles most loved by fans, both visual novels and anime, and although its anniversary has not caused a stir at the same level as Kimetsu no Yaiba either Sword Art Online, for the most die-hard fans this celebration means a lot. Let us also remember that at the time, the two anime seasons caused a sensation among the fans of that time, since the scenes shown in it are quite provocative and leave little to the imagination.

If you haven’t given the anime a chance Amagami We highly recommend that you watch both seasons, fall in love with each of the girls in this wonderful story and discover their personalities, feel free to discover which waifu is the best option for the protagonist. Also, if you wish, you can play the Amagami visual novel, embarking on the adventure as the protagonist and making the best memories with the girls.


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