Bronya from Honkai Impact 3rd shows off a beautiful swimsuit in a new figure

Bronya from Honkai Impact 3rd shows off a beautiful swimsuit in a new figure

From the hand of the renowned manufacturer Arctic Wolf Studio A new figure arrives whose protagonist is one of the most important girls in the video game Honkai Impact 3rd has given us, in this case being the one selected to be recreated is the beautiful Bronya Zaychikbut in its recognized version Herrscher of Truth. In addition, this product will allow us to see a new facet of the “waifu”, since it dresses her in a beautiful two-piece swimsuit to start living the summer.

The video game Honkai Impact 3rd debuts a new figure of Bronya Zaychik

Bronya From Honkai Impact 3Rd Wears A Beautiful Swimsuit In New FigureBronya From Honkai Impact 3Rd Wears A Beautiful Swimsuit In New Figure

Video game fans Honkai Impact 3rd and more precisely those who love the dear Bronya Zaychik They were surprised by the release of a new figure that not only has her as the protagonist, but the product knows how to honor her recognized beauty, which stands out even more when she is dressed in a cute swimsuit. But also, in this product we will see the version of the girl known as Herrscher of Truththis collector’s item is made with the highest quality materials, as well as excellent modeling that makes it stand out from others.

As you can see, those who are more familiar with it will notice how this version of Bronya Zaychik Herrscher of Truth It presents a big change in terms of clothing, since normally she wears a super elegant dress in white and light blue colors with a large amount of details. But in the same way, their new garments maintain much of the essence of the previous ones, because although they are now a two-piece swimsuit, we can see how the color palette is maintained a lot, to give the feeling that we are talking about that same one. dress, but it looked stylized for summer.

And since it is a suitable garment to enjoy a day at the beach, we see that the figure of the character Honkai Impact 3rd It has a large number of accessories that will be combined to continue with this theme in the most correct way possible. This can be seen, for example, in the base where the product is displayed, recreating in this case a sea stone with corals and starfish, so those who want to bring forward the summer will be able to do so with this excellent figure of the “waifu.” ” that will not leave anyone dissatisfied due to the aspects mentioned above.

Bronya From Honkai Impact 3RdBronya From Honkai Impact 3Rd

For those interested in acquiring this new figure of Honkai Impact 3rdwhose protagonist is the beautiful Bronya Zaychik in your version Herrscher of Truththey can do so from any of the websites dedicated to the sale of these products, such as this, for a price of $300 dollars. It should be clarified that this price is also tentative, since the final amount has not yet been announced, nor has the estimated release date, although what is known is that this figure is made in 1/6 scale. .

Honkai Impact 3rd It is one of the flagship games of the Chinese company Hoyoverselaunched in 2016 for that country and in 2018 globally, positioning itself today as one of the best within the gacha genre, being on par with other releases from the company such as Honkai Star Rail Or until Genshin Impact. In this title, players will travel commanding the ship “Hyperion”, but they will not be alone, since under their command they will have girls known as Valkyries, who are not only pretty faces, but also have great combat skills and who will face the Honkai, a supernatural entity that aims to destroy humanity.


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