Amara La Negra and other celebrities reveal what they spend most of their money on – El Diario NY

Amara La Negra and other celebrities reveal what they spend most of their money on – El Diario NY

Amara La Negra

Amara La Negra, Pamela Silva, Daniela Ospina and other celebrities talked about the main things they spend money on and that they generally do without when they want to save.

In an interview with the program ‘Despierta América’, several artists told Jessi Rodríguez their financial secrets.

“When things get tough, when you have to squeeze money at home, what is the first thing you cut?” the Venezuelan asked and several personalities reacted to the question.

In the case of Pamela Silva she said: “The coffee I buy outside, I make it at home instead of buying them.”

Daniela Ospina, for her part, indicated that she does not buy shoes and purses, since they represent an important expense in her budget.

Amara La Negra said that she loves to eat on the street and it is something that fits her budget. “Sometimes you have to eliminate that and eat at home,” she said.

Another of the artists who spoke was Emmanuel Palomares, who explained that one of the first things he spends his money on is food and generally tries to have a savings culture.

“Hunger makes you crazy and to pay the basic bills because when there is desire you always get ahead, whoever wants to work, works”he claimed.

Lety Calderón was also in these interviews and said that she handles savings very well, since she considers it to be something important as the years go by. “I have saved all my life,” she said.

Kimberly Dos Ramos stated that in her case she is committed to saving by avoiding unnecessary purchases such as clothing or footwear that she considers to be unnecessary. “I think the first thing I focus on is buying what I need,” she said.

Maribel Guardia is committed to not buying unnecessary things, because she believes that saving is important so that there are no financial problems later.

Jessi Rodríguez, who did the interview, considered that after the survey she determined that one of the things she would remove are luxuries such as purses or shoes, which then decrease anyone’s income.

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