América vs Chivas, the classic that will polarize Concacaf and Liga MX in the next ten days – La Opinion

América vs Chivas, the classic that will polarize Concacaf and Liga MX in the next ten days – La Opinion

Talk about the duels between Chivas vs América or América vs Chiva It is talking about the greatest rivalry in Mexican soccer. And if this is accompanied by a polarization of tastes and affections, imagine what will happen in the next ten days, when both teams face each other to settle the winner of the round of 16 phase in the Concacahampions and the duel on date 12 of the Clausura 2024 tournament of the Liga MX.

Without a doubt, a banquet of a historic confrontation where the official antecedents in Aztec football date back 80 years. In these eight decades, they have faced each other in 251 matches in any official competition and in friendly duels and where the American team, led by the Brazilian André Jardine, has won 94 times and lost in 78 matches, as well as in 79 draws.

Due to the disadvantage they have in the history of confrontations, Chivas will undoubtedly want to improve these numbers in search of its 79th victory since the 1943-44 season and At the same time, try to ensure that America does not increase its dominance in the figures of the classic of classics.

History encompasses historical duels, where the rivalry grew too much from the 70s onwards. when the then American coach José Antonio Roca called the confrontation between both teams a civil war.

Under this scenario, the rivalry has often exceeded the limits of sportsmanship and Fair Play with confrontations full of controversy, fights and costly expulsions.

You just have to remember those two finals in the 1982-83 and 1983-84 seasons. In the first and most clouded by the rivalry that surpassed the borders of sportsmanship, It was one of the biggest American failures by adding 61 points in the 38 dates of the regular tournament, thanks to the 26 victories they added.

But Chivas, with more self-love than football, managed to eliminate the Águilas in the semifinals, where in the second leg at the Azteca Stadium The “Sacred Flock” left the team led by Chilean Carlos Reinoso on the road, despite having been considered the great favorite for the title.

After that game there has been a before and after in the rivalry between both teams and now in the round of 16 of the Concachampions this Wednesday, Chivas will want to add the first victory in this competition, where to date there have been two games with an American victory in the 1985 season, in which the Coapa team won 3-1 in a duel held at the Memorial Coliseum stadium in Los Angeles, California.

Imago 1410380
Jesús Sánchez and Brian Rodríguez hope to come off the bench this Wednesday to see each other in one more edition of the classic of classics between Chivas vs América, now in the Concachampions. Photo: Eloisa Sánchez/Imago7.

In that match the goals were scored by the American players Carlos Hermosillo and Eduardo Bacas. While Fernando “Sheriff” Quirarte did it for Chivas.

For the second leg they tied 1-1 cwith goals from Juan Antonio Luna for those from Coapa and Fernando Quirarte for those from Guadalajara.

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