American VISA: Which people in Mexico can ADVANCE their appointment totally FREE?

American VISA: Which people in Mexico can ADVANCE their appointment totally FREE?

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The appointment to process the American visa it can take quite a while. In fact, in countries like Mexico, the Applicant Service Centers (CAS) are so saturated that there are waiting lists of months or even years. However, this 2024 there is hope thanks to the program ‘Visa priority,’ with which, some selected people could ‘skip the line’ and advance their appointment to complete the long-awaited paperwork.

Requirements to be able to advance your visa appointment with ‘Visa Priority’

A couple of days ago, the United States Embassy in Mexico offered more details about the program’Visa priority,’ which simply consists of enabling quotes additional during the course of 2024, all with the aim of reducing waiting times. Of course, this will not generate any additional costs for applicants, but although it sounds tempting, not everyone is a candidate for the advantage of advancing their appointment.

To begin with, the program is aimed at people who are processing only the American visa of tourism B1/B2, and only applies if they are doing it for the first time. In addition, it is required that you have paid the fee for your document within the last 12 months, and that your initial appointment has been scheduled for 2025 or later. Another important point to highlight is that this benefit is not open upon request: the selection is made randomly and for a limited time.

The good news is that you won’t have to go anywhere early to train, nor will you have to fill out additional forms to those you already submitted. The bad news is that you can’t do anything to profile yourself as the ideal candidate to advance your appointment: It all depends on whether luck is on your side or not. In any case, finding out the result is very easy and does not require bureaucratic calls, you can see everything through your email.

Following the recommendations of the United States Embassy in Mexico on social networksyou should be very aware of your inbox and/or your spam folder in the coming days. Those selected from ‘Visa priority‘ You will receive a notice by said means along with the pertinent instructions to reschedule your appointment. It is important that before proceeding, you verify that the sender is ‘[email protected]’ so that you do not fall for scams and criminal phishing techniques.

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