Ana Bárbara’s mother ATTACKS her daughter’s fiancé;  she accuses him of ABUSE

Ana Bárbara’s mother ATTACKS her daughter’s fiancé; she accuses him of ABUSE


The love relationship that Ana Barbara keeps with Angel Muñoz is one of the most controversial in the world of entertainment and for at least a year her children have made public the abuse they suffered from their mother’s fiancé, however, she has always defended him before everything and everyone. . Now it’s your mother who comes out to give her own version of the events, thus defending her grandchildren and ensuring that she is a witness to the mistreatment.

It was a year ago when José Emilio Levy, stepson of Ana Barbara, revealed that José María Fernández Ugalde, his half-brother, endured strong “military” type punishments from his partner, Angel Muñoz, when they lived in Los Angeles. Given this, the singer came out to flatly deny her assertions. “Chema’s” father immediately went out to protect his son and took him to live with him in Mexico City.

The controversy has regained greater strength and the words of José Emilio, son of Mariana Levy, were supported by the brother of the “Queen Grupera”, José Francisco, and by his mother, María de Lourdes Motta. The lady released an official statement that was made public through the program ‘De Primera Mano’, where she attacks Muñoz and reaffirms her support for her grandchildren, confirming the violence and mistreatment. “There is a lot of evidence that supports abuse, I was even violently expelled from my daughter’s house for defending my grandchildren.”

“I just sincerely hope that you have the will to rectify your children in time, they are the most important thing and those who have been mistreated and humiliated by this subject who is desperate to silence the truth,” he explained. Motta.

Furthermore, in the same statement, the woman assured that her daughter’s partner has a dark past that had not been revealed. She revealed that Angel Muñoz He was in prison six years ago and that even his relationship with Ana Barbara It was built on lies from the beginning, since he had another relationship.

“It is undeniable that my daughter’s partner has a history of crime and manipulation, who went to jail in 2018. He also lied for many months when he appeared in my daughter’s life under a false name to cover the fact that he was married and lived with his wife,” he concluded.

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