Ángela Aguilar meets her double and divides opinions;  they look alike?  |  PHOTOS

Ángela Aguilar meets her double and divides opinions; they look alike? | PHOTOS


One more time, Angela Aguilar caused controversy on social networks, but this time it was not because of something he said, but because he introduced the one he called “his twin”: it is a girl who is known as the double of Pepe Aguilar’s daughter, which drove some of his fans crazy, who considered that there is a great similarity between the two, while other of his followers were not convinced. What do you think? Do you think they look alike? Candles photos!

Angela Aguilar She is one of the most successful and famous singers of recent times: with her music and charisma she has earned people’s affection, which is why she now has thousands of followers who love her and do not miss a single detail of her life through social networks. It was precisely on Instagram where the music star constantly shares some of the most important moments of her daily life.

And one of the last ones he had was when he saw face to face with who would be his double: This is a Colombian girl named Nina who paralyzed the networks since she looks very similar to the singer, with the same haircut, lip color and even clothes, since she appeared with a red dress that looks very similar to the that the star wears in her presentations and concerts. She Without a doubt left everyone with their mouths open! Even more so when they shared their photos!

Photo: Freepik

Angela Aguilar He couldn’t help but hide his surprise when he saw her because, according to his own words, she is his “twin” since he considers that they look very similar and that he is seeing a person exactly the same as she looks. Regarding the meeting they had, both pointed out that it was not planned, but that it was an incredible coincidence. You want to see them photos from his double? We show them to you below!

Ángela Aguilar causes controversy by showing off her double; they look alike?

Pepe Aguilar’s 20-year-old daughter drove her fans crazy by sharing with them that she recently met a Colombian girl who is her double: “I’m shocked, we are the same and we met by surprise. You didn’t know either, right?” Angela asks Nina, who answers no, at the same time she can’t believe that she is next to her idol, the person you admire the most. “We are the same, I am like you, you are the same. What a pleasure to meet you!” the star tells the young woman.

Photo: Instagram @angela_aguilar

In the video that she uploaded to social networks, where she is accompanied by her double, both women are seen wearing an almost identical red dress, short black hair and the characteristic red lipstick. The clip already has more than 4 million views and has become one of the most commented, because there are fans who consider that the girl does not have a real resemblance to Angela Aguilarwhile others claim that they are like two drops of water.

Photo: Instagram @angela_aguilar

“How beautiful that you recognize her and treat her so beautifully, they do look alike”, “They only have the same cut, height, weight, but they don’t look alike in the face”, “How great that meeting between the original and the imitator, a dream come true without a doubt”, “they are the same in their hairstyle”, and “What wonderful twins” were some of the comments that the followers of Angela Aguilar they did on social networks. What did you think of the photos? Do you think it’s his double and do they really look alike? Or not?

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