Salma Hayek sweeps Paris Fashion Week with a LOW-CLOSE black suit |  PHOTOS

Salma Hayek sweeps Paris Fashion Week with a LOW-CLOSE black suit | PHOTOS



Considered one of the most beloved and talented celebrities in the entertainment industry. hollywood, Salma Hayek has proven on more than one occasion to be a true fashionista, and the proof of this was her most recent appearance in the Paris Fashion Week, where he not only dazzled with his good taste but also with a daring neckline that took the looks of the world and that’s how it devastated everyone.

At 57 years of age, the Mexican actress has established herself among the elite of the big screen to world level, because her unmatched talent and beauty have led her to be considered for different films of international size that have even been considered for different prizes with which Hollywood star It has carried the name of the Aztec territory in style, so without a doubt it is quite a reference.

However, her charms and talents Salma Hayek They are not only summarized in the world of performance or business, but also for his good eye for fashion, Because although her husband, the French magnate François-Henri Pinault, is the owner of the most important fashion houses in the entire industry, She is the clear example of sensuality and elegance; Proof of this was her most recent appearance in the capital of France, where she left the entire world with its mouth open.

It is worth mentioning that the actress has always been characterized by her daring necklines that not only highlight her beautybut they also reveal one of their greatest attributessince she herself has revealed that her natural attractiveness has helped her demonstrate that it is not necessary to do so many cosmetic surgeries to bring out the most sensual side of a woman.

What was Salma Hayek doing at Paris Fashion Week?

It is important to mention that this event is one of the most exclusive and surprising of each season, in which fashion houses launch their most recent ones. collections I have innovations, and without a doubt this only reaches the world capitals that are characterized by being the references of fashionism, since this is presented in other places such as NY and Milan but in that of Paris, The Mexican took the spotlight.

And through your account instagramthe mother of the young Valentina Paloma dazzled with a suit that without a doubt brought to light his most sensual and daring side, as he showed off with a daring but elegant neckline with a silver-tone metallic finish, which I combine with a black suit and her dazzling hair loose in front of the men, as it is an ideal option for people of all ages.

Photo: IG / salmahayek / Special

The one born in Mexican territory wore this surprising outfit in the McQueen catwalkbecause on its digital platforms, it showed off different images next to one of the new promises of the fashion industry, designer McGirr, who is in the midst of his Parisian runway debut.


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