Ángela Aguilar reveals her strange ritual at the end of each concert

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The “Princess of the Mexican Regional” Angela Aguilar He does not stop giving what to talk about, and it is that with only 18 years of age he has always managed his career in the most simple and transparent way, which is why he keeps his fans abreast of each of his activities, and now he revealed what is the secret ritual that he practices every time one of his concerts ends.

Ángela confessed that in each of her presentations she dedicates her soul, heart and life to the music that she sings with so much feeling, although curiously, she assures that to sing to love it is not necessary to be in love.

In an interview for Hola Mexico magazine, Pepe Aguilar’s youngest daughter was questioned about whether she had to be in love to sing to loveto which the young singer replied that this was not necessary, since when interpreting a melody you tell a story and give it the tone that it deserves.

“The imagination is much bigger; When I was nine years old I used to sing ‘La chancla’ about how to leave a man and I had never had a boyfriend, so I think you can sing anything”revealed for the publication Ángela Aguilar.

Regarding his concerts, Ángela Aguilar said that when she was little she was nervous when she went on stage and if he did make a mistake he couldn’t focus on anything other than it and what his dad would tell him, but now that stage fright is gone.

In fact, over the years, the Female Revelation Artist 2022 forged a specific routine for once her concerts concludewhich not only helps you relax, but also release energy.

Immediately after leaving the stage I lie on the floor face down to get all that energy out. I think, I breathe, I try to direct what I experienced, what I did right and what I did wrong”Angela Aguilar reported.

Ángela also added that Pepe Aguilar usually makes a list of his successes and mistakes, which has helped him a lot to improve in the presentations that he prepares with great care for his audience. This in attention to the fact that, as she revealed for the famous publication, her father has always advised her to be very honest, have fun and be happy, taking everything as a blessing and honoring every moment.

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