Sword Art Online Fractured Daydream Kirito and company return to Aincrad

Sword Art Online Fractured Daydream Kirito and company return to Aincrad

The new installment of Sword Art Online has surprised many of the fans of this incredible franchise, since no one expected that a new game would be announced. On this occasion I have had the good fortune of being part of the closed beta of the game and I can say that the game looks pretty good, without a doubt they have improved in many things over the years.

Sword Art Online Fractured Daydream has shown its closed beta


During the week of March 11 to 16, all of us who applied to try the closed beta of the new game Sword Art Online Fractured Daydreamand in this note I will tell you what he has prepared for us Bandai Namco next to Kirito and company. The closed beta will last three days in total, with March 11 being the first day where the servers were opened, after that day the servers would reopen on March 15 and 16, 2024.

The new game of Sword Art Online Fractured Daydream It brings with it some pretty fresh ideas to the franchise, because the first thing you can notice in general is the appearance they give when playing. Well, the first thing that stands out is that in this beta we have Kirito’s life bar in the lower left part of the screen, in addition, in this adventure we have the «ultimate skills»which, as their name says, are abilities that characterize each of the characters in the world of Sword Art Online.

Sword-Art-Online-Fractured-DaydreamSword-Art-Online-Fractured-Daydream Sword-Art-Online-Fractured-DaydreamSword-Art-Online-Fractured-Daydream

In this opportunity that I was given to try this beta, I was able to notice that from the beginning they put Kirito as the main character. However, we also find quite mythical characters such as Leafa, Sinon, Agil, Argo, Oberon and the protagonist Kiritoeach one has their characteristic clothing and their iconic weapons, in addition, I could see that the only one who carries two swords from the beginning is Kirito, while the others only carry a single weapon.

During the first minutes, the beta Sword Art Online It focuses on teaching the most basic things that every player in general knows. However, the skills of Kirito Now they must be charged by hitting enemies, that is, Kirito In this beta you do not need to consume any type of elixir to regenerate a bar of mana to use the skills. Although it must be taken into account that the skills require certain combinations of buttons to be activated, although it is not necessary to have a control with a million buttons to activate these skills.

Sword-Art-Online-Fractured-DaydreamSword-Art-Online-Fractured-Daydream Sword-Art-Online-Fractured-DaydreamSword-Art-Online-Fractured-Daydream

But without a doubt, one of the main attractions of this beta was the fact of being able to obtain the «ultimate skills«. These skills are characterized by being the most iconic attacks that we saw in the first season of the anime, so when activating the skill of Kiritothis will make its attack Starburst Streamdelivering a total of 16 consecutive blows with the two swords he wields.

And speaking of the two swords, Kirito wields his iconic swords from the anime, the Elucidator and the Dark Repulserboth swords are in his hand and so far there is no animation where the swords are kept.

Something notable in this beta is the incredible ease with which you can level up, because even in the middle of combat you can level up. Although this does not mean that new skills are unlocked, since in this beta the skills are already predetermined and they cannot be changed for others, nor can they be “enhance» the skills so far.

Among the most striking changes is also that the game feels more user-friendly, that is, you do not have to be aware of as many things on the screen as in the game. Hollow Realizationalthough at the moment there is no appointment system within Sword Art Online Fractured Daydream.


In this closed beta, we meet one of the iconic enemies of Sword Art Online. This boss monster He is one of the first they encountered in the dungeon of Aincrad in order to move forward, and for all those who watched both the anime and the movie Sword Art Online Progressive You will understand that this boss monster is the one that many remember for almost destroying Asuna and Kirito in the fiercest early battle in Aincrad.

While there were many good things to highlight in this beta of Sword Art Online Fractured DaydreamThere are also things that need to be improved. Well, in this first glance, I could see that the enemies suffer from a lot of “teleportation» from one place to another, but always in the same range. That is, you can have the enemy right in front and be in the middle of a combo of blows and out of nowhere the enemy teleports to your left or right or even behind the character.

This affected me on more than one occasion when casting a combo, even when casting the ultimate ability. Kirito. So if your combo was only focused on attacking head-on and the enemy teleported, your combo cannot change sides, so if you had just started it, it will be completely lost.

In addition to this, also the CPU Sword Art Online Fractured Daydream who accompanies you on the adventure, although they are iconic characters, the same CPU does not perform actions if you are immobilized or you need assistance if your life bar has been removed. So it is practically a respawn in the area, but keep in mind that this respawn does not do so near where you were killed, but rather you will respawn quite a bit further back from the place of the battle, so, in my case, I had to have to Return to the combat arena and find yourself quite far from where I respawned.

Sword-Art-Online-Fractured-DaydreamSword-Art-Online-Fractured-Daydream Sword-Art-Online-Fractured-DaydreamSword-Art-Online-Fractured-Daydream

I should also mention that the version of which I got the opportunity to play the beta was the version of Sword Art Online Fractured Daydream for nintendo switch. It was tested on both desktop and laptop, the performance in both modes is quite stable in terms of exploration. Well, once the enemies start to appear and you have to do combos, the performance starts to go down at times, because the frames in which Kirito attacking more than three enemies caused quite a few crashes, but without crashing the game.

The graphic section in terms of the scenarios is quite decent for a beta, as for the characters, they are quite well defined. So the designs have not suffered any alteration in terms of the original designs, but if there is something to highlight, it is that Leafa had a mega boob done on her bust, so the moment she enters the scene to fight or support you in battle.

The physics favor it quite a bit, and although this is the beta of Sword Art Online Fractured Daydream The design of the bust does not suffer from any type of crash or bug when it is mobile, so we must be quite grateful for the incredible detail that the developers have marked in this first beta.

Without a doubt, this game is on the right path and I can safely say that this game has an air of being able to attract the attention of many new players, who have never played any of the previous games. As if that were not enough, this game will have the online cooperative option, so the experience could be quite good, without a doubt we are facing a new air for the franchise Sword Art Online and without a doubt with a good direction in terms of gameplay we are sure that the game will be able to attract many new players.


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