Are Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra Rosaldo separating?  The singer talks about it

Are Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra Rosaldo separating? The singer talks about it



Considered one of the most stable couples in the entertainment industry, Alessandra Rosaldo and Eugenio Derbez They have also been under the eye of the hurricane for some time, which points to a possible separationand it is until now that the Mexican singer has decided break the silence and talk openly about what he experienced next to the comedian hollywood and their responses have blown up social networks, as many claim that they are on bad terms.

The couple has been married since 2012 and have a daughter together, since family The famous comedian is also involved with his three children from his past marriages: Aislinn, Vadhir and José Eduardo Derbez, well through the reality of Amazon Prime, It is how the actors have given away some of their familiar and most hidden aspects, so the intimacy of the dynasty has been revealed.

Although their family dynamic has never disappointed due to the attendance of the comedian that have been enjoyed throughout four successful seasons, the problems within the marriage of the Mexicans have also been a point to highlight, which is why many fans assure that the separation and the divcorcio It could be closer than ever, and for the first time the voice of the group ‘Senses Opposites’ opens its heart.

Are things between Alessandra Rosaldo and Eugenio Derbez bad?

It was through the podcast ‘The magic of chaos’led by the same daughter of Eugenio Derbez, Aislinn, where her stepmother revealed a little what very few knew about her marriagebecause even Mauricio Ochmann’s ex-wife was paralyzed by his statements, because apparently when she met her daughter’s father not everything was in pink color Well, apparently he was only repeating his mother’s pattern:

“I thought that was what I had to do, now I realize that I was repeating a pattern, that of my mother… I realize that it was a pattern of my entire life, a commonplace to abandon myself… Meeting your dad has been one of the best things that has happened to me in my life, he is the love of my life,” he explained with total sincerity.

The stage star also talked about the way he walked away from his job for starting a life and family with the Oscar winner for the film ‘CODA’, as he assures that although the father of her daughter He never asked for it, but this helped them grow as couplebut despite the rumors about them and their marriage They are happier and together than ever:

“This was something that I decided, it was what I had to do according to me, so I completely erased myself, I took away my focus to put it on him… And then time passed and I realized that, not only did I not I was fine, I was not happy, but I began to feel as if he had asked for it,” he added.


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