What does the BCC American VISA type mean?

What does the BCC American VISA type mean?


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The Easter holidays have already started, and with it thousands of people take advantage of the chance and reunite with their loved ones who are living in the USAbut there are those who to date do not know what the differences are within the Formats most popular of the American visa; This is what you should know about those that are from type B1 B2 and BCCwith this you could identify which one suits your travel needs.

In order to enter this North American territory It is vitally important to have this document which also functioned as a kind of protection and with which the immigration authorities They will not be able to deport you to your country of origin, and also the U.S. government They have greater control of the people who enter and the time they are within their borders, so you must be very clear about the reasons why you are seeking to enter.

Currently, the high demand for this document is one of the great barriers faced by applicantssince many seek to obtain it but the waiting times are truly long, since the application moves to 2026 as deadline to get your document, But you can see the good side of the situation, since you will be able to have enough time to prepare and have your papers in order.

But now, we will talk about the American visa formats which are the most popular and requested, and although many times they believe that they are the same, below we are going to let you know what the differences are between them and what you should request since if you do not have it very expensive it can cost you complete the process and they might even reject your petitionthis is what you need to know about it.

How are the B1 B2 and BCC formats of the American visa distinguished between them?

Be careful, it is important to mention that to obtain the document from the American visayou should know that there are at least 10 different types formatsand these also have specific subdivisions that are granted to applicants according to their intentions to travel to the american nation; These are the differences among the most popular: B1 and B2Well, even if you don’t believe it, they have details that make them different.

  • B1 American Visa: This visa format is granted to people who seek to enter the United States for business, doing so for a period temporarily.
  • B2 American Visa: While in the case of this second case it is given to applicants who enter temporarily for pleasure and tourist intentions.

Now, recently another one has also become popular Formathe BCC, and believe it or not, it is also part of the family of these visas, since they are part of divisions that count and without a doubt it is a little more specific than the others, and this is what you should know about this American visa which you will also be able to access:

The letters BCC in you American visa, they mean that what you have in your hands laser visa, Well, according to its English translation, it is a Border Crossing Card, or also known as a Border Crossing Card, since this works as a crossing permit and as a tourist visa for air crossing to the United States, Well, according to experts, its plus is that it has improved technology that uses the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to confirm the identity and citizenship of the traveler.


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