Are Meghan and Harry returning to royalty after Kate Middleton’s cancer?

Are Meghan and Harry returning to royalty after Kate Middleton’s cancer?



Just a couple of weeks ago, the whole world was wondering what was happening with the health of Kate Middleton and why she was “disappeared” but the same Wale’s princess, who shared with the world his cancer and find themselves in the middle of chemotherapy treatment, and that is why on social networks it is already rumor of return of Meghan and Harry to the crown; because?

It is important to mention that it was through the official channels of the princes of wales where the future queen consort stood in front of the camera and opened her heart so that the whole world knew that despite the abdominal surgery in January coming out well, cancer It was present in his body, so he asked for privacy and time to recover physically, spiritually, and mentally.

According to the speech of the daughter-in-law of king Charles III, These days have been quite difficult since they found out about his illness because one of the serious problems What the couple faced was explaining to their children: princes George, Charlotte and Louis, that she was going to be fine, plus the process and treatment It is quite complex.

Photo: IG / princeandprincessofwales

What is a fact is that my husband said that Kate Middleton I would be back by the end of Easter, but the video of the Wale’s princess has been very clear, the most important thing for her is her recovery, and that is why it has been rumored that her schedule is the one that is going to be noticeably affected and that is why the return of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Much could happen sooner than previously thought.

Does the British crown trust Meghan Markle and Prince Harry?

Four years have passed since the dukes of sussex They left London to fully establish yourself in USA and renounce not only the duties of royalty but also the titles, but the Kate Middleton’s illness I could change everything, well william He also seeks to clean up his duties to be more aware of his children and wife.

And many experts assure that this could be the opportunity for the dukes of sussex come back to United Kingdom to take charge of the agenda princes of wales and even of the King Charles III who are also kept away by their cancer, But there are those who claim that the crown’s trust in the couple is completely null.

And it is known that the couple is not completely crown trust Even though they not only launched a release as a sample of support for the wife of the heir to the throne, but they also held a phone call with her where they talked about how she is experiencing these moments, but many take that as the possibility of reconciliation.

However, experts assure that this is not entirely possible, since the acts committed by both the former Hollywood actress and the youngest son of Lady Di they made all the trust of the princes of wales They would lose it and for that reason it is not possible for them to put the responsibility of their agenda on them; on the part of the British royal family It has not been said what will happen to the agendas of William and Kate.


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