What is the SENTRI card to travel more easily to the US and how much does it cost?

What is the SENTRI card to travel more easily to the US and how much does it cost?


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Enter the territory of the USA It is an opportunity that can only be achieved with the American visa, or is what many of us thought until now, because even if you don’t believe it, there is a option which is also considered legal and without a doubt is much easier to acquire, we already talked about the SENTRI card, the same one that gives you the chance to move within the american union and this is what it costs and the requirements to process it.

It is worth mentioning that for several years, the options to obtain the American visa are truly feared by thousands of applicants, not to mention the long waiting times you face at the process given the high demand, and that is why in recent years it has returned very popular This option that we are going to present to you below and this is what you need to know about it.

The SENTRI card, It is a credential that allows us to cross the USA legally, and with them reduce the entire review procedure that is done through the American visa, and this is possible thanks to the Trusted and Frequent Traveler Programs (Trusted Traveler Programs), but be careful, since the requirements for this option They are different and only apply to some cases.

According to experts, the Secure Electronic Network for Rapid Traveler Inspection (SENTRI) It is a program of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) of the USAwhich also allows expedited clearance for pre-approved and low-risk travelers upon arrival; Participants can enter said North American country using primary lanes in the land border ports in the south of the country.

SENTRI card requirements and costs

It is worth mentioning that the option that we have just presented to you today is one of the most important but only applies to land and sea travelthe same ones with which you will be able to enter the country legally, and this can be processed in the same way as the American visa, in customs, consulates and embassy of this territory, and have a cost of $125.25 (2089.61 Mexican pesos).

It is important to mention that within the main requirements those you face doing the application This document includes some such as: reducing customs inspection time; access the country through exclusive lines to speed up your trip; Crossing the border by land will be quick and also process a family SENTRI card; Below we will show you the process so that you can make your application:

  • Create a Trusted Traveler Program (TTP) system account. Regardless of your age, you must have your own TTP account.
  • Log in to your TTP account and complete the application.
  • After accepting your complete application and fee, CBP will review your application. If you are conditionally approved, your TTP account will prompt you to schedule an interview at a SENTRI Enrollment Center. Each applicant must schedule a separate interview.
  • You must attend the interview with: Valid passport; Additional identification; your permanent resident card and vehicle registration and evidence of valid US automobile insurance.


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