Ayilín Mujica’s dress tore shortly before going on air with ‘La Mesa Caliente’ – El Diario NY

Ayilín Mujica’s dress tore shortly before going on air with ‘La Mesa Caliente’ – El Diario NY


Cuban actress Aylin Mujica She lived a moment full of anguish because her dress tore shortly before going on the air with the program ‘La Mesa Caliente’, broadcast by the Telemundo network.

The event was recorded in a video shared on the YouTube channel of the television show in which other figures such as Myrka Dellanos, Verónica Bastos and Giselle Blondet participate.

“Oh, no, oh, no,” the famous woman ran out when she noticed what had happened to her wardrobe.

Aylín Mujica lives an uncomfortable moment

In an interview with the show, she gave some details of what happened: “My dress, very expensive from Paris, broke on me, just like the Oscar winner.”

“If Emma Stone’s dress broke, so did Aylín Mujica,” He said.

In a conversation with her colleagues she received some advice, for example, Verónica Bastos told her: “Play crazy, say it’s part of the design, or we’re going to break everything.”

However, the Cuban did not like that recommendation.

“I didn’t solve it, I went on air with the dress torn,” the famous woman told the cameras of the television show.

After this, the artist stated that she will not lose this garment and that is why she wants to make some modifications to it: “The dress is sewn because here we don’t throw anything away, it is recycled, it is sewn, or the sleeves are cut, so with a flirty style and it is perfect for another occasion, because here you can’t wear a dress just once, “You have to recycle with various programs and all those things.”

Aylín Mujica joined after leaving ‘La Casa de los Famosos 3’ to ‘La Mesa Caliente’, a show in which she has adapted and has added the Cuban touch with her opinions characterized by neutrality.

Let us remember that Alix Aspe was there before her, giving a jovial look at the show in which various current issues are debated.

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