Bad Bunny is criticized again after the comparison of the singer with Frank Sinatra by Time magazine is revived – El Diario NY

Bad Bunny is criticized again after the comparison of the singer with Frank Sinatra by Time magazine is revived – El Diario NY

Bad Bunny has once again become the target of criticism, involuntarily, for the umpteenth time in recent months. And after being severely singled out for being part of the Academy Awards presenters list just a few days ago, the “Bad Rabbit” “returned” to being criticized for an issue from the past: his comparison with the singer Frank Sinatra by Time magazine.

It is worth mentioning that the reason why the controversial comparison of the Puerto Rican with the interpreter of “My Way” was revived is due to the recent statements by the representative of Featherweight, George Prajinwho called the Jalisco-born “Mexican Mick Jagger.”

According to the music businessman, the global impact of the “Ella Baila Sola” performer can only be compared to the transcendence of the vocalist of the legendary band Rolling Stones. However, and despite the Mexican’s imminent success in the current musical scene, a large number of users could not help but be “outraged” by this comparison.

Featherweight posing in a photo.
Peso Pluma was recently named the future of music by Rolling Stone magazine.
Credit: Mezcalo

Bad Bunny and Frank Sinatra once again become protagonists

Following the declaration of Prajinvarious users and critics of urban music could not help but revive the old comparison that the famous Time magazine made with Bad Bunny and Frank Sinatradue to its similarity with what was said by the representative of Featherweight.

It is worth remembering that during March 2023, the magazine time carried out a report in which he compared the interpreter of “Tití Me Preguntó” with the legendary American singer Frank Sinatra due to the achievements achieved by the Puerto Rican in a short time, as well as his idea of ​​achieving success without leaving aside the Spanish language.

Bad Bunny performing at a show.

In said material, the media also mentioned that Bad Bunny He was the legitimate heir of other great international music stars such as Michael Jackson and even, Beyonce.

Bad Bunny does not leave the controversy behind

Before reviving the comparison of Bad Bunny with Frank Sinatra and other great artists of recent decades, the Puerto Rican has been involved in various controversies such as the recent lawsuit filed by the “Bad Rabbit” against one of his followers for recording his concert in the city of Salt Lake City and uploading said material on his YouTube channel.

According to the singer’s team, he has demanded the amount of $300,000 for the two videos that his follower uploaded to the famous platform. However, so far, it has only been reported that the user’s videos were “downloaded” by YouTube, something that the user himself protested by demanding that said materials be returned to him.

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