Belinda publishes a photograph showing her natural face and fans assure that she looks depressed

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Belinda reappeared on social networks with a photograph in which was left to see completely natural; however, said image caused it to become a topic of conversation within social networks, where some users They assured that the singer has not managed to overcome the breakup with Christian Nodal and looks depressed.

It was through the stories of her official Instagram and Twitter account where the singer shared a photograph in which appears lying down, very relaxed and showing off the dazzling beauty of her face completely free of makeupwhich ended up captivating his true fans.

Despite the fact that the 32-year-old artist did not show signs of depression and did not accompany the publication with any text that would reveal how she is emotionally, some users of the same social network pointed out that she is going through a deep depression due to the recent sentimental breakup with Christian Nodal that was confirmed last February.

鈥淪o pretty Beli you can handle everything鈥, 鈥You look super sad God with you鈥, 鈥Beli you see the depression cannonyou don鈥檛 need to whine and feel sorry for that, you feel it and you transmit it鈥, 鈥淵our shine will never go out for anyone鈥, 鈥I hope you recover soon and smile again鈥,鈥滾et her look for someone else and her depression will immediately go away鈥, 鈥淚鈥檓 depressed, wait a bit, I鈥檒l take a photo鈥, 鈥淚 think it鈥檚 a photo where she shows herself relaxed without makeup, naturally鈥, 鈥It鈥檚 normal after any breakup, loss there is a process called mourning 鈥, reads some comments left by his Instagram followers.

And although this image generated controversy and divided opinions, Belinda caused a tremendous uproar again thanks to a following publication within both social networks, in which he wrote the phrase: 鈥Little finger promise, trust you鈥 with which his fans remembered the love story he lived with the interpreter of 鈥淵a no Somos ni seremos鈥, when both promised during a romantic evening in Spain never to end their relationship.

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