Ben Affleck is looking for a house to film his new movie – El Diario NY

Ben Affleck is looking for a house to film his new movie – El Diario NY

The actor, producer and director Ben Affleck prepares to direct ‘Animals’a new police thriller that will premiere on Netflix. As part of his preparation, the director and producer is looking for a residence in Santa Monica, California, to film.

The paparazzi photographed the actor while he walked around the area and looked at some houses, which he will probably rent. At the moment it is not clear about What is Affleck looking for in those houses?. According to the ‘Grosby Group’, Jennifer Lopez’s husband told them directly what he was doing in the area.

It is known that Ben Aflleck's new film is a police thriller.
It is known that Ben Affleck’s new film is a police thriller/ Photo: Grosby Group.
Credit: Grosby Group

‘Animals’, the new film that Affleck will direct, is written by Connor McIntyre (‘The Jury’, ‘Coronation Street’) and by Billy Ray (‘Captain Phillips’, ‘Richard Jewell’ and ‘The Hunger Games’). There is still no official synopsis of the film, but it is known that it will focus on a series of kidnappings.

It could be assumed that the kidnappings will occur in the same community or in the same residence, so the choice of property marks an important part of the story. According to ‘The Hollywood Report’, the story will focus on the son of a political candidate who is kidnapped. The candidate’s relationship with power will make the kidnapping reveal the many enemies he has.

Another piece of information we have so far about ‘Animals’ is that its protagonist is Matt Damon, who has been a friend of Affleck for years. It must be remembered that In 1997 the two wrote the script for the film ‘Good Will Hunting’ and they also starred in it.

‘Animals’ will also be produced by Affleck and Artists Equity, a brand owned by Damon. The production team also includes Brad Weston and Collin Creighton.

On the other hand, ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ and other media have reported that Jennifer Garner is in talks to join the film’s cast. What is most striking about these negotiations is that Garner was Affleck’s wife for 13 years.

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