David Seidler, screenwriter and Oscar winner, dies at 86 – El Diario NY

David Seidler, screenwriter and Oscar winner, dies at 86 – El Diario NY


The screenwriter David Seidlerwho was honored with an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for his work on the film “The King’s Speech,” died Saturday while going fishing to a lake in New Zealand, various media reported.

“David was in the place he loved most in the world, New Zealand, doing what gave him the most peace: fly fishing. If he had the opportunity, it would be exactly how he would have asked for it,” said Jeff Aghassi, the deceased’s manager.

The film “The King’s Speech” was a fundamental project in Seidler’s career, and was intended as a story or reflection of his own experiences, since the acclaimed screenwriter previously admitted that he himself He suffered from stuttering as a child.

David Seidler’s career also includes projects such as “Onassis: The Richest Man in the World” and “Tucker: The Man and His Dream”, in addition to having received two awards from the British Academy of Cinematographic Arts Awards and Television (BAFTA) and the Humanitas Award.

Jeff Aghassi also commented that Seidler was still actively involved in current productions and had many future film projects in mind.

“The King’s Speech” is a story that has been repeatedly adapted to theatrical format, in addition to being translated into more than six languages ​​during its numerous presentations in several countries.

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