Bunny Garden: The popular bunny game sweeps Japan

Bunny Garden: The popular bunny game sweeps Japan

In recent days, the store Steam of Japan has received a rather peculiar game, this title called Bunny Garden has caught the attention of users and players of PClike consoles in the land of the rising sun, since the anime aesthetic, together with models in 3D that he drives is quite peculiar. This is why it is now dominating the different stores in Japan that are dedicated to the sale of this type of games, especially due to the large amount of “cuteness” that can be found in Bunny Garden.

Bunny Garden sweeps sales in Japan and positions itself as one of the sales kings

Bunny-GardenBunny-Garden Bunny-GardenBunny-Garden

Title Bunny Garden has amazed users in Japan, which is why it already leads the lists of the best-selling games in that territory, being so that in the store Steam Japan is already number one, while the version of nintendo switch It is positioned as second place in sales. Without a doubt the waifus They have captivated players with their striking charms, although it is not surprising considering that we are facing such beauties, it is impossible not to be attracted.

This news was shared on the popular website Otakomuand many of the players Bunny Garden Those who have already given this game a chance highly recommend it. It doesn’t matter if this is your first game on this theme, or if you should give it a chance, because according to the users of the website, the game is quite good and it is very unlikely that it will disappoint you.

Although the theme of the game seems to be normal, since at first glance we find ourselves in a casino with several very beautiful girls, the truth is that the title has several mini-games that are quite striking for the players, since they are reminiscent of the installments of Senran Kagura. And the minigames that we see in Bunny Garden They also require that we as players participate together with the waifusso these girls will not only delight us with their beauty, but we will also be able to participate with them in quite interesting activities with them.

Bunny-GardenBunny-Garden Bunny-GardenBunny-Garden

Something interesting to highlight is that the models 3D of the girls and the fact that we are in a casino is not a limitation to see that they do have moves. And the factor of being able to talk to each of them is what attracts a lot of attention for the vast majority of players, since this game gives a visual novel appearance due to the banners that we see in the dialogues.

In addition, the game allows us to take beautiful memories with the camera that we have inside it, so we will not miss the best moments of the beautiful girls, although due to the theme of the game it is not surprising that it contains so many routes with each of the waifus. Likewise, there are wallpapers for each one, so, although it is not as such to follow a route for each one, it is most likely that if we reach a certain degree of affection and meet certain criteria, it is most likely that they will give us wallpapers specials.


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